2Pac - Let Em Have It Remix

The Best Of Gansta Songs
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: 2Pac
Альбом: The Best Of Gansta Songs
Длительность: 04:14
Размер: 3,88 Мб
Рейтинг: 399
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
128 Кб/с

2Pac - Let Em Have It Remix

Текст песни "2Pac - Let Em Have It Remix"

[2Pac] Now you've been actin like you want it for a long time All up in a nigga face, givin me them strong vibes Look in my eyes and you'll find peace A gemini, so you really blow my mind freak, c'mon I got my clothes off, hard as a nigga in jail Skinny niggaz throw the dick well Everybody get they condoms, brother cause it's time to fuck Hurry up and put it on nigga, time is up What's next got my mind on some group sex Where you goin baby, I ain't even through yet Do it like a true vet, love it how I threw it to ya Even now make it good to ya, remember me? I love fuckin slow with the lights low Black puerto rican even white hoes, bellisimo Que linda, dame beso, come to papi Fuck until the shit is sloppy, if you really want it [Eye] If you really want it [Pac] Get'cha ass up; you know it, if you really want it [Eye] If you really want it [Pac] If, you really want it, if you really want it If you really want it [Eye] Uhh, uhh [Pac] If you really want it [2Pac] Alright all my real niggaz and my real bitches Let me see you do it like this, c'mon [2Pac + Left Eye] Rock, your body body, rock your body body Rock, your body body, rock your body... [Left Eye] Do you, you remember the time when you absolutely, said never let it inside Feel it's my duty, from gemini, to gemini Can you imagine the trouble come bustin double, I'm much obliged See I would love to go and take a ride Have total leeway up and down your freeway, nothin to hide If I was committed to suicide I'd fuck around meet you now put it down, I'd testify Ain't nobody here to understand the reason why It's you and I, so everything is rectified I know you tried, you even made a nigga cry But love is blind, now can you stand the test of time? Redefine, what it means to be an open mind Feel the climax.. I bust a round for you, painted the perfect picture I'm down for you, (?) get witcha Rock, your body body, rock your body Rock, your body body, rock your body [2Pac] Damn.. IF you really want it You like that? Yeah If you really want it [Left Eye] Rock, your body body, rock your body Rock, your body body, rock your body [2Pac] Don't hold back.. (?) Yeah, yeah, I feel you [2Pac] Rock, your body body, rock your body body Rock, your body body, rock your body body... [2Pac] See, it all started simple, turned into me lickin the nipples Fuckin you doggie style to this instrumental Hands up, all up inside ya, hell I can stand ya Eyes open I don't plan to bust, just hold on Baby let me zone in, whaddyou mean? Can you scream let it go beotch, how does it feel? Got a nigga like steel in ya, to keep goin Now I'm fuckin like I'm killin ya, let's go another round Baby is you down really, two shots of ecstasy Lick a nigga down silly, your body next to me I could touch you inside, and you'll cry So good when a nigga leave, you'll die My mama told me baby be a man put it on her Hittin bitches like, switches comin around the corner I wanna let me get my ride on It's yo' dick baby but it's my song, now if you really want it [2Pac] Gots to send this one out to the freaky bitches Definitely all the scorpios, and the geminis, and the virgos You know I know the truth about you scorpios and you virgos No doubt gotta give it to the capricorns They some freaks too on the down down The libras, they like it even but they still like fuckin No doubt, aquariuses, libras, I said those Leos, yeah they some freaks, leos is freaks They always wanna run shit in bed Sagitarrius, taurus.. cancer, all you freaky fucks I'm a zodiac fucker I'll do you all one at a time And all day long, let's get busy! [
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