2pac - The Next Episode Feat Dmx

The Best Of Gansta Songs
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: 2pac
Альбом: The Best Of Gansta Songs
Длительность: 02:59
Размер: 2,73 Мб
Рейтинг: 395
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
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2pac - The Next Episode Feat Dmx

Текст песни "2pac - The Next Episode Feat Dmx"

[2pac] Now everytime I see you cats is rollin in packs For the life of me I cannot see why you don't know how to act Love to clown when you deep, but when you on that solo creep out on the streets you don't hear a peep nigga it's a god damn shame, somebody explain why they sent a Bad Boy to play a grown man's game Tear that ass out the frame, completely get that ass kicked Woke up on the street but you'll be sleepin in the casket How long will it last, nigga don't ask, just be first to blast Outlaw on the mash tryin to be the first to see some cash My shit's classic, like my nigga Nate Go get the tape, we keep the nation anticipatin until we break Money made me evil, court cases got me stressed niggaz aimin at my head but I still wear my vest I don't give a f*ck motherf*ckers I'm loc They all duckin when my gun smoke cause you ain't shit without your homeboys [DMX] Ay yo, ay yo, ay yo What's my name? DMX and I be the best You see the rest they lookin like they need a rest One more time, I'mma spit at you some shit That's gon get at you be fuckin with your mind, stop talkin shit Cuz you out there runnin' your mouth And really don't know who you fuckin with Here we go again How many times do I have to tell you rap niggas? I have no friends you still actin up Runnin around here like some brand new pussy that's about to get fucked The game don't stop, I'm still gettin down for whatever Whenever that's why my shit is hot, can't keep it real Now, some of us do but most of us don't that's just how a nigga feel I shed blood, for my people that'll keep you lookin see-through Whenever you try to creep through D-M-X [Puff Daddy] You think I'ma come this far, and let you niggas stop me now? I hate you too!! [Nas] You wanna hate me then hate me; what can I do but keep gettin money, funny I was just like you I had to hustle hard never give up, until I made it Now y'all sayin that's a clever nigga, nuttin to play with Hate on me, I blew but I'm the same ol G People warn me, when you're on top there's envy Took my niggas out the hood, but you doubt on us Sayin we left the hood but can't get it out of us My bad, should I step out my shoes, give 'em to you? Here's my cars and my house, you can live in that too Criticize when I flow for the streets, hate my dress code Gucci this, Fendi that, what you expect hoe? Nickname Esco', took this game to its threshold Best flow I bet the whole U.S. know Try to make it like you the realest, but who the illest? Think we all know the answer to that, cause niggas feel this right
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