Kid Rock - Wcsr (feat. Snoop Dog)

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Жанр: Hard Rock / Southern Rock / Country Rock
Исполнитель: Kid Rock
Альбом: Cocky
Длительность: 04:44
Размер: 10,87 Мб
Рейтинг: 878
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: magicman
320 Кб/с

Kid Rock - Wcsr (feat. Snoop Dog)

Текст песни "Kid Rock - Wcsr (feat. Snoop Dog)"

Kid Rock, I got the sex rhymes Kid Rock, I got the sex rhymes Kid Rock, I got the sex rhymes All world class Kid Rock motherfucker, Yo I ain't no fag Fuck bitches dry, fuck em on the rag Tag they're toes, check off my list Hoes get fucked, they don't kissed A simplistic pimp, getting much respect I fuck your mouth and leave your ass in debt Jet set the country on the world purse Just to show you how a real pimp works Remove your shirt, show me them titties I'll drive my dick right through your twin cities Around your bends, over your curves and ass Park it in your mouth till I run out of gas Snoop Dogg I got the sex rhymes Snoop Dogg I got the sex rhymes Snoop Dogg I got the sex rhymes All world class It ain't nothing like black pussy on my dick Word to your momma and your sister bitch I play hoes like a motherfucking football game I pull my dick out and then say it's good ya'll came Ya'll did your thing, worked a nigga from front to back In the Bill Clinton presidential Cadillac We smoked a sack, the bitches couldn't handle that Blew out my brains and left no stain I can't complain, shit is all done with game I fucked so many hoes, I can't remember their names But it ain't about that, bitch I really doubt that Just turn the lights out and put my dick where your mouth at Kid Rock I got the sex rhymes Kid rock you got the sex rhymes Snoop I got the presidential sex rhymes My nigga I'm on the Air Force One out of JFK Of course I'm high, sipping Tanqueray On a mission, looking for tush Sipping B&T's with George W. Bush We kicked it, talked, had a couple of laughs The stewardess walked up and asked us for our autographs I thought I was mack and I gave her two free shirts George stuck five fingers up in her skirt So I stuck five and that made ten Shit, two roosters and only one hen George winked at me, it was all too sweet We tag teamed that freak at thirty thousand feet Yeah, thirty thousand motherfucking feet flying high Kid Rock and George motherfucking Bush And we thought we does it the most in the coast You got the sex rhymes, hold it Let me see if you got some gangster shit homey Cause if you do, I'ma kick something for you Lil something like this
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