Kid Rock - Welcome 2 The Party

Devil Without A Cause
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Жанр: Alternative Rock / Hip-Hop / Funk Metal
Исполнитель: Kid Rock
Альбом: Devil Without A Cause
Длительность: 05:14
Размер: 12,03 Мб
Рейтинг: 1635
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: magicman
320 Кб/с

Kid Rock - Welcome 2 The Party

Текст песни "Kid Rock - Welcome 2 The Party"

It ain"t nothing but a party hey From the early evening ?til the break of day So step this way and let your mind be free And by the way welcome to the party Well my name"s Kid Rock I"m a Capricorn And Detroit"s city where I was born When I was young I knew I"d always be A super live body rockin" emcee I"m TNT I"m dynamite And I"m gonna rock this party all damn night I"ve got the gift of gab I can walk the walk I became an emcee when I learned to talk Sayin" goo-goo ga-ga I gotta lotta time to eat emcees like pirhana I"m a pro at this, yeah the ultimate "Cause I don"t spit, my rap too quick I"m the ladies pick all around the world But I only got eyes for just one girl I don"t roll twirl like a ballarena, I roll through town and I rock arenas I may seem a little underage But at least I am not underpaid I"m one of to shock your mind And I will serve no rhymes, before their time The K-K-Kid Rock, that is my name And if you ask me again, I"ll tell you the same Who"s to blame...I don"t really know But my game"s so tight I think I"m gonna go pro So here we here we go I"m gonna 1d16 rock it up high, then rock it down low From the floor to the ceiling to the living room "Cause people like to hear my bass go boom...boom...boom ba boom boom The one two three the three two one Don"t stop me know I"ve just begun Don"t cut me down...don"t start no fight Or I"ll put my foot in your astronaut (or ass tonight) I"m outta sight, like the planet Mars And when I set my sights I shoot for stars I don"t like small cars or real big women But somehow I always find myself in "em I"m a hidden gem, a rollin" stone I"m a one man band with a microphone Here to make you shake and move your body So come on in and welcome to the party It ain"t nothing but a party hey From the early evening to the break of day So step this way and let your mind be free And by the way welcome to the party Uh uh excuse me Mr. Kid Rock (what"s up) can I do my thing Can I have a little something to say right here Oh yeah, go ahead baby I"m a real live show and you can watch me throw I"m the M to the L and I"ll let ya know Alize is too sweet and it"ll make ya fat I"ve got a pound of dank and a gallon of Cognac (sp?) I"m all of that and a bag of chips I"m the whole damn party mix I"m the chick that doesn"t seem all too classy You can"t party with me but you can kiss my ass It ain"t nothing but a party hey From the early evening to the break of day So step this way and let your mind be free And by the way welcome to the party Hey Grandmaster Bob that old school shit"s fresh But uh let"s rock some of that fuckin" 1998 Kid Rock shit bro I"m an Irish lad, but don"t call me Clancy I"m gonna rock it for Dixie to suit your fancy Rock your pants off and party my dick off People want to know when"s the tour gonna kick off I"m no rip-off , it"s all original Not too political...a little cynical About the fakes and squakers that talk a lot of ca-ca I know a lot of chicks that like to call me poppa Don"t start drama...mack in the bahamas Rock on the dance floor to din dada Cause I"m a player that you love to hate Got your girl suckin" dick on video tape I like pussy...suckin" on titties Fucked a lot of different bitches from a bunch of different cities Kid Rock and I"m the same old fool I"ll tell ya to drop your boyfriend then drop outta high school I got a whirlpool...don"t even ask Lickin" pussy underwater shootin" bubbles up your ass I"m so
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