Lloyd Banks - Iceman (feat. Young Buck, 8Ball, Scarface)

Rotten Apple
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Lloyd Banks
Альбом: Rotten Apple
Длительность: 05:27
Размер: 12,68 Мб
Рейтинг: 984
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: S_J
320 Кб/с

Lloyd Banks - Iceman (feat. Young Buck, 8Ball, Scarface)

Текст песни "Lloyd Banks - Iceman (feat. Young Buck, 8Ball, Scarface)"

YEAH! Uhh, I'm back Uhh, haha Uhh, oooooooh Yeah yeah, they know me 'round here, they call me Iceman I ain't your friend boy, I'll fuck your wife man Look at my left, now look at my right hand Every time I move it looks like a strike of lightning My name is Banks, but you can call me Igloo There's white rocks on my neck, and my wrist's blue So don't trip, cause you know I got my pistol You'll be surprised of the doors that it gets through Yeah, Louie introduced me to jewelry, now I'm lovin it Tell Jacob the shinin's so good, them hoes love the shit Diamond after diamond, and I climbed up out the bottom So holla if it's a problem, I got 'em just like you got 'em I'm stylin; they grillin cause my whip can buy a skyscraper Roll down the windows stick my hand out, "Hi hater!" I'm on my way to L.A., I'll see you guys later You'll be here when I get back; ain't got no time to drink that Now all I do is sit back, hop on the plane and sip 'gnac Hop in the Range and whip that, came in the game with this crap You say my name you get smacked, right on your brain with the gat Know who you playin with Black, then holla back My name is Buck, but you can call me Icey I keep spillin Cristal on my white T Don't give a fuck, bitch you ain't gotta like me I pop my trunk and have you runnin in your Nikes Look what I just bought, this white mink I got it in New York And this bright link I put it on and walk right out the store Where's my car keys? What am I gon' drive? My Phantom got the steering wheel on the wrong side Pocket full of cash, Ferrari with the drive-out tags Them hoes followin us, let me stop and get some gas Liberace, the cops watch me I'm ice skatin like a nigga playin hockey ??“ holla back Canary yellow princess cut, rocks when I smile Fat boy kept it gritty since I was a chubby child Look at me now, hat cocked up, wristwatch rocked up When I put my hand up to my mouth and hit that sticky stuff The light, hit the ice, on my eight-ways piece In the streets, I'm a G; on the mic, I'm a beast Keep a bitch, on her knees, nigga please, I'm a pimp Purge first, ask last, I'm a shark, you a shrimp Check a deuce, Chevrolet, rims taller than my son Gun, on the seat with a extra clip cause I ain't fin' to run in my brand new, shell toe, three stripe, all white In other words, come my way with that shit you gon' lose your life What the fuck are they yellin? Dope man, anybody killa in the hood, fuck the homeboy sellin I've got a problem with him - if I can't touch it Then he can't slang it, and these streets get dangerous Corny niggaz pull up in cargo vans Palms sweaty, icky's out with they masks all mad I gave 'em the order, and that's all bad Born into flossin flashin got his mark-ass, smashed The Iceman is in the buildin chillin Big game huntin; and this lame's, stuntin Got an addiction that's deeper than a prescription He's sleepin I'm on a mission to beat him in my position It's fucked They know me 'round here, they call me Iceman Watch ouuuuut... They know me 'round here, they call me Iceman Watch ouuuuut, I'll fuck yo' wife man They know me 'round here, they call me Iceman Watch ouuuuut... They know me 'round here, I'll fuck yo' wife man Watch ouuuuut... yeah
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