Lil' Kim - No Matter What They Say

Notorious K.I.M.
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Lil' Kim
Альбом: Notorious K.I.M.
Длительность: 04:44
Размер: 10,86 Мб
Рейтинг: 608
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: gromit
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Lil' Kim - No Matter What They Say

Текст песни "Lil' Kim - No Matter What They Say"

[Puff Daddy] Uh, yeah Queen Bee, 2000 Come on 1 - No matter what people say We got it going on Who cares about what they think (Won't you come and) We are the number one (Come and show me how you do that baby) No matter what people say We got it going on Who cares about what they think (Shake your body to the rhythm) We are the number one (If it drives you crazy) Everywhere I go red carpet Gave the keys to valet tell 'em to park it Then I jumps out the Azure, a Lil' Kim aura Girls making faces like Ace Ventura And my B-A-D G-I-R-L-S is in the stretch LX Ain't shit you can tell us Even got some of these niggas jealous But tonight it's not about the fellas With garden perfume from a mile ya smell us Model agencies say it's easy to sell us We got sex appeal, I'mma keep it real If I didn't have a deal I'd still be worth a mil, uh Depending on how I feel I might go on a heist So at my wedding I can throw ice instead of throwing rice We fly like kites never gettin' into fights I got a whole bunch of dikes on ninja bikes Repeat 1 [Lil' Kim] I'm just trying to be me Doing what I got to do So why y'all keep hating on me and my crew [Lil' Caesar] Yo I'm saying Q.B. Look at them and look at you [Lil' Kim] TRUE! If I was you I'd hate me too Louie Vatan shoes and a whole lot of booze Every other week a different a dude and other crews I make offers nobody can refuse You might even see me on the channel nine news I get paid just for laying in the shade To take pictures with a glass of lemonade My rocks shine like it was dipped in Cascade (Uh-uh, Kim been fly since she was in the fifth grade) Wake up in the morning to breakfast from a maid Wanted me so bad you went and copped the bootleg Y'all niggas played like a high top fade Some of the shit I hear I don't know how it got played Y'all rock Versacee and y'all went out and bought it I rock Versacee and y'all know I ain't paid for it My fam deep with security in the jeep When the Queen come in town everything shut down Repeat 1 [Puffy] Breakdown, uh Let's dance come on Let's dance come on I see you let's go Yeah Queen Bee do it like this [Lil' Kim] I'm the Hines, your highest type numero uno Not a Puertorican but I speak so what'chu know *This is how it should be done The hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip Hip a hop and ya don't stop We rockin' to the bang-bang boogie To up jump the boogie To the boogie to the boogety beat Now what you hear is not a fake It's the real Lil' Kim, Queen Bee (That's right) Now I know y'all heard other females rap But they ain't got nothing on me Cause y'all take to my rap Cause my rap's the best A hundred and fifty thou, sixteen bars nothing less (Nothing less) So to y'all haters I paid y'all no mind In fact I'mma give it to y'all one more time [Puffy] Uh yeah, what? Come on, bounce, what?
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