Naughty By Nature - Strike A Nerve

Naughty By Nature
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Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Naughty By Nature
Альбом: Naughty By Nature
Длительность: 06:23
Размер: 14,87 Мб
Рейтинг: 1095
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Z1CK
320 Кб/с

Naughty By Nature - Strike A Nerve

Текст песни "Naughty By Nature - Strike A Nerve"

(Strike a nerve) Yo bitch, it was some bitch in a seminar talkin bout you had to get up early to wax this (Strike a nerve) Them other motherfuckers said you couldn't even wax that dirty bitch So wassup y'all? (Strike a nerve) I get my daily dose of cha-cha-cha and "Shut the fuck up, ho" Shit, shaved, and bathed e'ryday then I must go Ugh, this is Everyday All Day, let's all say Pluckin enough and roughin em up and fuckin em up always Bet, let's talk about a back flash, ya jackass That fast you flash witta match, your fast rap And even though you didn't know me before the flow solo It's no slow way to go, bolos I throw or sold Let's pick a bitch to pick with, peekaboo I see you thru your crew, now whatchu wanna do? After that, caps off to the black frost My pants always sag cos I rap my ass off (Oooooh) You wanna talk about a badboy *?sanchoi?* I'm bad as they come, chum, straight up ricochet rap style To Vin Rock and KayGee, I'm the baby Droppin the ladies, cravin ya maybe, I have the right to be lazy Got more stretch to my swing and the stretch of a chicken wing The flavor is bacon and its cravin is icecream I'm too trucked to be fucked and too live, otherwise Ya drive by's smuffler, word to the mother, my brother eyed Runnin and comin, drama starin wit a stellar I need so many lumps, I'll use your head as a braille book Many friends ships ink, quick, fast It'll take a dollar worth of gas to outlast your little tired ass You tried to swing this way, you little swifty (Ha ha ha, slum bitches still miss me) I do the dumpin, humpin, clappin like thunder and that's comin from a land down under Yo, I'm sick of dis shit, man Niggas tryin to cut, they rocks none (Strike a nerve) Yo, they tryin to make us drop, Vin Rock sayin he don't rock enough Yo kick that shit Prepare for the worst, cos I ain't livin loss I wouldn't just give a fuck, cos givin is free and my fuck's cost ????? your loss in The Source, cos I know no way I been there before, maybe 5-6 times a day Sometimes I put my hands on my head when I'm done, from and wondered to myself where did dat def shit come from? And then I think about the Naughty and the Nature in it and then the Flavor then the figures while I'm flowin wit it So I won't give up, stop, stall, quit, ya kitten You can't touch this, fuck what them throats written I got tracks, better known as snaps, far forbidden And the warm do, I know, I know how to make ya feel it I'll take a head, I'll make ya spread and now lay back I tell you once, I tell you twice, Vinnie don't play that (You don't?) So don't start, there will be none is the lesson, folks I hate cigarettes but my Smith & Wessun smokes >From anywhere, from any corner, anytime that's right Who you bashin? I go blast in broad daylight You stand hard, you look hard, yeah, your figure's soft I got nuff props from buckshots that niggas caught Ya say you can't go to the takin me out close Huh, in that case, you shoulda named your album "Almost" I wouldn't rely on the try if I was you, yo Cos I'm turnin tries into "oh oh's" and "hell no's" I wouldn't be caught dead witchu up in tryin it And if I was goin, I get my stiff ass up and rip shit I can't go out like a wooden sock with padlocks I'll leave tacks tiny and slimy like snot spots I write a day, to me, it's a common caper Say so much shit, huh, I write my rhymes on toilet paper Yeah, Vin Rock, backbone of Naughty By Nature, y'knowI'msayin? (Strike a nerve) That's right, so everybody sleepin on the up, stay off of my dick (Strike a nerve) We're gonna stomp this time around, word up (Strike a nerve) Look who's mother's in the studio,
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