Army of the Pharaohs - Black Christmas

Ritual of Battle
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Army of the Pharaohs
Альбом: Ritual of Battle
Длительность: 05:24
Размер: 12,42 Мб
Рейтинг: 759
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Nurken
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Army of the Pharaohs - Black Christmas

Текст песни "Army of the Pharaohs - Black Christmas"

[Verse 1-Planetary] Put me in the booth and I ??? your wave files, You still getting booed at the open mic like 8-mile, You still actin like spoken word is serious, I laugh at you fag-niggas with dyed hair and pierced lips, What kinda nigga from the hood is you? I could name fifty niggas thats as good as you, But a nigga like Plan man I'm better than all of em, I make em quit, how their baby moms' is callin for em, Askin me where they baby pop at, That nigga he at the scene in my White Sox hat bitch! I tell em call you back in a minute, Cause when he finish he gotta brush my dust so vintage, I'm in this rap game for the spinach, My food-for-thought is like servin fresh lettuce to niggas, I'm the chef and I'm cookin up def jams, Bar street bully cut the check for ten grand [Verse 2-Doap Nixon] I made a promise that I never get high, I aint scared of death, I'm scared to live wantin to die, Cause the 120 open my eyes, Duck the(?) rhyme more than me, The Bible told me what to disguise, But, I broke lights like they need to be fixed, I had a thought pattern process pattern that D and B's rich, But, the block chirped(?) had work in the trash-can, I rip a nigga off and lay low in the Badlands, Stay bent offa popular on me, We all force the whole heat, smokin the gold tree, So knowledge knowledge till the 7-15-4, Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Reef the lost Cauze, Kamach, My nigga Crypt and Demoz, Apathy, Celph Titled and King Syze, We all 'bout to put this game in a frenzy, And the chain's like frost like the earring of Benzy(?) [Chorus-Des Devious] I can feel a breeze through the leaves when D's passin me by, You can breathe you can bleed but please wrap me a nine, On Black Christmas, I need a Gun with bullets on Black Christmas, Black Christmas, Nigga look at me little B, My peeps askin me why, I'm a G this is me, so please wrap me a nine On black Christmas, I need a gun with bullets on Black Christmas, Black Christmas, [Verse 3-Des Devious] Yeah, yo it's incredible the most, How a nigga's flow just come so easy, Child's play with me home boy, please believe me, The way I formulate on time with metaphors lines and punch lines, Some times the shit amaze me, Fall back with a spliff and I'm eyein my shit, Don't need you, got enough people on my dick, I speed through, breathe life on a track so slick, With sick shit, time is money so I must move quick, Epitome of rap, Never been clapped never been slapped up, Just one time, call when the thing is 7 E-9,don't I catch that jock(?), and I'ma beat him till my arm's numb, And stop him like 'Moz did that drum on one, Mothafucka! [Verse 4-Demoz] I once heard the art of war is don't start a war, So I don't think you wanna ride like a carnivore, I mean carnivore excuse my French I'm on the floor, The bruisin wet got me feelin like I took a Hallucinet, Blue is bent, L-Y who the truest yet, Blue to ???, Brain fragments flyin through the fence, Stupid is as stupid does, I aint stupid cuz, I rap like a mothafuckin animal my blue is blood, Never spills, I wrap my hand around the bluest steel, Blue is grill(?) like foremen and informers know who I kill, Ill, now get outta my face, Sorry officer, Me no hablo Englais, Let me offer you, food for thought on the plate, Once you know the block hot you hit the fire escape, Get in get out, Hit liars and snakes, Your birthday only gave you rely on the cake nigga! [Chorus] [Verse 5-King Magnetic] Army of T.P., honor of street thieves, The harmony of harm done to a beast-B, I execute from hook to hook like a nice jab, And pain from pushers squeeze like my wife's hand, Slight tan, my homie Muslim like ??? man, Pillar with kush(?) as if it cushions
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