Army of the Pharaohs - Strike Back

Ritual of Battle
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Army of the Pharaohs
Альбом: Ritual of Battle
Длительность: 04:15
Размер: 9,8 Мб
Рейтинг: 623
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Nurken
320 Кб/с

Army of the Pharaohs - Strike Back

Текст песни "Army of the Pharaohs - Strike Back"

Planetary: It's the manifestation of rap greatness I determine my life around the sound of a piano and bass hit The basics of this hip-hop matrix, it's graveyard rap, Quest build on your Day shift I shake shift and get 'em to shake quick 'cause when Paz makes the call I make grade A shit Am I labeled a bitch so I say fuck chicks because who the fuck is gonna hold me down 'sides Crypt? Who the fuck can control my sounds still don' got me, Scott be makin' my vocal sounds so cocky Who got me? Yeah my dogs most likely If I ain't loyal to my niggas then god strike me Demoz: Keep Strikin' I'm taking your life, take my advice it's basically right If money's the root of all evil then Satan's right Break me twice that makes me two, that makes me a double headed rapper now make me a booth Next to the one now that I'm in now the day's legacy too Lazy motherfuckers light a fire up under these roofs Maybe it's true I'm a rapper and maybe it's truth between my ego and pride make me true Maybe I do need powder to make it juice to go down with the first rapper claiming that he's too fuckin' nice, I'll fuck ya with a knife, fuck his wife, tell your friends your husband said good night Yeah it's like that Ain't no army that can strike back If hip-hop is dead Then Demoz will bring it right back King Syze: Raise up the white flags, man it's time to surrender I'm on a mission for the dope with a cokehead agenda We're stormtroopers, burst through the craziest rain I'll burst through fire walls while lazy niggas complain Your pride came and went and you ain't make it It was right in front of your face you ain't take it Never be me, I can't live with that Cause the youth I got I can't have that back I'm the general, commendable, overall dependable loc'd out of cosmos but most times sensible Live for the minute the moment the older I get When the digits roll over that's it Esoteric: Ya call me Eddie Brock Venom with machete chop penny rock guzzilin' husslin' from eighty block You wanna battle band But you ain't serve Gallohan You pussies take heat back like Shaq's travel band But you ain't got no gun or paper in your luggage The only 9Mil you have gets you fries and nuggets We stab bucks like study Jack Sigma We'll travel back in time and attack Hitler Look at money grid tryin' to buy his life back You ain't a pharaoh dog, ring him by his life back Fuck 'round with the army get your ice packed We don't fuck around dog, you it's like that Vinnie P: Anybody go against me gettin' tortured and slain Slaughtered then maimed We robbin' rappers off with their chain I'm a cannibal eatin' motherfucker start with their brain They say Panzienza previously thought to be sane I fought through the pain and established a remarkable reign Lamatta Panzienza Marcientto all in the same We coulda signed a couple deals but what they offered was lame But that was regardless of the fact that we was awkward with fame And I remember me and Jus Allah would talk on the train About how we were going to leave our mark in the game We back together and we gon' bring the dog back to the game And you know we put our motherfuckin' heart in the game
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