Method Man - Walk On (feat. Redman)

4:21... The Day After
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Method Man
Альбом: 4:21... The Day After
Длительность: 02:47
Размер: 6,43 Мб
Рейтинг: 1081
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: kira
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Method Man - Walk On (feat. Redman)

Текст песни "Method Man - Walk On (feat. Redman)"

[Intro: sample (Method Man)] "Walk on" (yeah, yeah, yeah) [Method Man] It's Meth, back on that old shit Pick my ho's with the same finger I pick my nose with These flows get, hotter than most chicks, get the picture I'm focused, got nothing but cock for cock-roaches, bitch, I'm gone before you noticed Ducking these coppers, try'nna make the coldest Spot you with the bricks and the baking sodas Me and my soldier, we taking over, taking payola From all these stations and record labels, they killing culture, tell 'em niggaz "Walk on" [Redman] Yo, I blow ya minds, like Kurt Cobain My block is hot like Lil' Wayne, I'll pop ya little chain I'm ready, hip hop is not gon' be the same Like the Roc and Dame, I'll dot the little change Nigga, I ain't scared, boy, yes sir If I wasn't a beast, you niggaz wouldn't whisper I'm like, y'all can fuck y'all self, I'm getting paid daily Plus keepin' it real, keep you broke, can't tell me, nigga "Walk on" [Method Man] Huh, now go say that I don't quiver, and any chick Caught with dirt under her nail's a gold digger Yeah, I tell the people, like I told RZA Man, I got Meth and on the day that I don't, I'll let you know, nigga Nah, no carbon copies, they ain't got me, but they can watch me Jewels jingling, middle finger at paparazzi Not too cocky, but still, ain't too many niggaz can top me So bounce you foes and pull ya shoes up, nigga "Walk on" [Redman] Don't even blink, think fast, make the right move Got a gun on ya, like Pinky had on Ice Cube I don't play, homey, I got my stripes, too I'mma sky high-a-trist, I smoke in a flight suit, nigga Recognize, like Sam Sneed'll "back down" You sick and tired of wack niggaz, then act now I show you how it's done, nigga, Gilla House Give you a whole clip, turn your ruby glitter out, nigga "Walk on" [Method Man] And beat ya feet up, I'm sick with these dice, so put ya g's up Then back a lighter tree, about to get the energy up I milk like double D cup, plus, I air it out just like a sneaker Will win, and then "key" your car like Alicia Yup, my Meth is off the meter, more Yankee caps than Derek Jeter Try'nna catch me a diva, then I'mma catch and meet ya Might spill a thong, but still a don, still got Love, for my baby moms, we just don't get along, hold the fuck on "Walk on" [Redman] Allow me to reintroduce -- nah, I don't need it If you ain't got it since '92, nigga, beat it Hop in the 4 of ya 7, black two-seater Pull out a hammer, big as a vacuum cleaner Nigga, I roll heavy, bitch, I roll steady Get that dough Reggie, me fall off, really? You better ask who the best rapper in ya hood And when you mimick me, muthafucka, do it good, nigga "Walk on"
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