Mathematics - Rush

The Problem
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Mathematics
Альбом: The Problem
Длительность: 03:51
Размер: 8,98 Мб
Рейтинг: 232
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
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Mathematics - Rush

Текст песни "Mathematics - Rush"

[Intro: Method Man] Oh, oh, oh, come on, come on, come on Mutha what? Muthafucka That's right, all day, all night Come on, get down, yes y'all and To the right beat and you can even dance Or, just have a seating, seating Yo, yo, yo [Method Man] What it was, what it is, it's like I got a pistol To my head, can I live? You never should of left Tical for dead Never that, be careful what you wish for Today's your day to get yours Blowin' up the spot from the sixth floor, bent off Come and get your on smoke on, fish funk to choke on Go 'head, blaze a pound of that bullshit we both on Take it the 'source', 'hip hop quotable', of course I'm pullin' out my 'roots', to breathe in my 'black thought' Let's be honest, I break a spirit, if she break a promise They act just like they momma's, now what that got to do With the price of rice in China Or why these gold miners raise the price on they vagina Now frankly, I'm official, New York Yankee You can blame the radio stations that's trynna yank me And jerk the Jabber Jaw shark bitten flow Go 'head, test the water, my friend, stick in your toe [Chorus: Method Man] Rush, the colisseum, rush, the dance floor Rush, the limosine, rush, don't let go And jerk the Jabber Jaw shark bitten flow Go 'head, test the water, my friend, stick in your toe Whoa-ho-ho, let me like, solo with the flow Whoa-ho-ho, promoter better pay me at the door Whoa-ho-ho, what the fuck y'all think I'm flowin' for If I move to quick, oh, you just don't know [GZA] The sound echoed through the neighborhood and vibrate Circulate eruptions throughout the tri-state The wise they attract to it, cuz it's magnetic Those slow kids, stuck on the block, they don't get it But, they don't wanna set it, track on immedietly Quick fast, clock tick to the blast machine The bugged out, they scatter when the lights on We raid those local spots, til we turn the mics on Rollin' with the talent, the beats, and rap verse The crowd get excited, with the heat and clap first Must of had a hot hand to go in his waist band Set he had to lick a shot for a top notch Clan Multiple swordsmen, blade sharp Rip through your heart, M.C.'s, want no part For any type of conflict, or nonsense, then we respond quick It get thick, The Problem, goes beyond sick [Chorus] [Method Man] Let the record show, never test my flow Never tested positive for blow Got my whole life ahead of me, no time to be sniffin' Soon as muthafuckas get dough, they act different But not Nixon, let the pot call the kettle black, but not in my kitchen And y'all fixin', to be on milk cartoons missing In the Double XL, Supreme Clientele Since then I have no birthday, my sign's not for sale If I had a dollar, for every time M.C.'s tried to holla Brag about dough, and pop they collar I'd probably be a zillionaire, like, 'fuck rapping and rappers' Cut the drama, we don't like the way y'all actin' Eat, drink and smoke Mary, Mr. Meth's rated X By any means necessary (come on) It ain't easy being greasy, in the main event now Catch me on your Pay-Per-View TV [Chorus]
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