Jadakiss - Kiss Is Spittin (feat. Nate Dogg, Mashonda)

Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Jadakiss
Альбом: Kiss Tha Game Goodbye
Длительность: 03:56
Размер: 9,12 Мб
Рейтинг: 557
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Nurken
320 Кб/с

Jadakiss - Kiss Is Spittin (feat. Nate Dogg, Mashonda)

Текст песни "Jadakiss - Kiss Is Spittin (feat. Nate Dogg, Mashonda)"

(Jadakiss) Uhh.. uh, uh, uh-uh-uh Uh, uh, uh-uh-uh Uh, uh, uh-uh-uh Uh (uh) uh (uh) uh-uh-uh Uh (uh) uh (uh) uh-uh-uh Uh (uh) uh (uh) uh-uh-uh Yo, yo, yo, yo Hey yo I got land cars and jewelry, and artillery And I got every hood feelin me It's nuttin like when a thug get at you and spit thug literature Your fanbase wanna get rid of you Still in the hood doin it I don't know why I'm doin this, we don't eve move a lot of units But ain't no threats, don't stress me dog You gotta let me hear somethin to impress me dog When I spit I put rappers in line, then smack 'em around I got 'em all home practicin now You know 'Kiss be, icey hard and crispy The truck's manual but the Coupe is 6-B Listen I ain't never spit nonsense I'm from the street with a mean vocabulary contents Whoever you send I'll send back Y'all all been wack; 'Kiss is makin a strong impact C'mon (Chorus: Nate Dogg) (When 'Kiss, is spittin) They don't love you no more (When 'Kiss, is spittin) Things will never be the same a-gain (When 'Kiss, is spittin) Why they hatin on you (Jada) It's just like that, ha! (When 'Kiss, is spittin) (Jadakiss) Uh, uh, yo, yo Sinnin or not, I'm grinnin a lot, spendin a knot Dirty denim and a cinnamon fox Bitches'll follow, gangsters'll ride, gentlemen watch Buy the bar, leave drunk, shoot up the block You might hear 'Kiss spittin, but after the show you might hear clips spittin, we after your glow Things'll never be the same again when your frame get bent, link get worn, change get spent Confiscate your whip - you think you a player? I could confiscate your bitch, take her and slay her If a nigga nicer than me, then Christ is here You got somethin in the bank? Then the dice is here I could show you how to gamble your money, handle a gun but be a family man and go home to your son Light a candle where you stand, cause that's where you died and if you heard 'Kiss spittin, then you know it was won, uh Chorus: (Jadakiss) Yo, yo Hey yo the voice got a lot of people heated, peep it The flow is like methadone - lot of people need it Seen it all happen before Feel like I'm still hustlin; cause the way I'm rappin is raw You could put your jewels on it You might just see me in the lightning pickup with the 22's on it The stakes'll cost you; understand one thing I do great field work plus I'ma boss too Loyalty is hard to come by Y'all know who the streets is run by, could only be one guy And that be who but 'Kiss, no security The burner and some niggaz that I grew up with And the brand new 911, fuck a dime with a fine eleven at stop signs I'm revvin And the flow is just so obnoxious As far as the Double R camp go, dawg I got this, c'mon now (Chorus w o Jada (repeat 2X))
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