Group Home - 12 o' clock

A Tear For The Ghetto
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Жанр: East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Group Home
Альбом: A Tear For The Ghetto
Длительность: 04:09
Размер: 9,52 Мб
Рейтинг: 472
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
320 Кб/с

Group Home - 12 o' clock

Текст песни "Group Home - 12 o' clock"

[Lil Dap (of Group Home)] Hmm, hmm About 12 O'Clock Brooklyn when this shit took place Fake niggas on the ground, fakin moves in BK Yo they coming far beyond, coming to Brook-lan Never think it could happen when shit lives on You should of called me when you got over the Brooklyn Bridge These evil ass tryfe kids only got one life to live Niggas never should of fucked around with Lil Dap Coming straight from the streets where the rhymes react Group Home, reign supreme coming through with my team For ya faggot ass niggas shining infa red beams BK to the fullest, to the day that we die Open my eyes, a seventh day a new surprise Wondering why, niggas in the hood, they die Mothers they cry, niggas busting shots in the sky Smoking my la, I only want a piece of the pie... [Interlude] Yo son, whatup whatup son? I'm downstairs Buzz the door man, all these niggas man, these niggas lookin at my clothes and shit Man these niggas know I ain't in from out here man Son whatup son? let me up buzz the D-door son Come on park, you know I don't really know BK like that man Whut the ah? yo whatups son, YO Son I got this bit-ish with me, she scared son, whatup son? These niggas beaming my shit son, I don't got my ch-rome whatsup? [Nicky Bondz (of Rose Family)] I'm downstairs, in front of the building Niggas rolling dice, smoking, we probably ain't cuttin their eyes at my ice And shorty on my arm, even though I've been with Screw back "Remain calm" Hope the gat ain't line me up and buzz the intercom Look to my left, I've seen this cat throw his hoodie on Yo what's the verdict? For my herc, I fuck around and get murdered Came to Brooklyn, nigga I'd rob on some heard shit Just got through smoking weed then I'm nervous Shorty said she was from Red Hook, but I don't know where I'm at Surrounded by a bunch of thirsty crooks, givin me thirsty looks If it go down son, I'll chill and disrespect the jerks Or give it all up, it ain't right giving my life took I've slipped up and these niggas caught the right jooks Damn [Interlude] Yo, [one more] don't don't move just chill, shut the fuck up, take that shit up, pop that shit shut up bitch take that shit off the bitch off too take them rings off her ear, everything off word to pa, shut the fuck up before i hit you word up, take that coat off that bitch too, where your keys at? get the fuck out up the bone before i shoot you nigga get the fuck up out of here nigga, what the fuck is wrong what what? (smack) [Chorus: Lil Dap] BK BK till the day that we day Open my eyes, the seventh day a new suprise (2X) [Lil Dap] Uh, first your a victim to society yes Punch a nigga in his face everytime he flex East New York legend boys reign supreme If they said he didn't gimme, wouldn't know what it means Where my people at? coming from the east and the west Where my people at? coming from the north and the south Here to represent my people who ain't got it, no doubt Yo we come from Brooklyn where shit is rough Niggas are bustin' and duckin', got niggas forced to get tough Can't see my nigga dying and burnt to dust When the world's about the end, about to turn to rust Be corcerned three learn, but will niggas get burnt Never think it could happen but the strong will learn Chorus (3X) Uh, uh, uh We doing this live Live for my cats All The Kings Men, know what i'm saying, Rose Family East New York style, low budget style Group Home style, aight, Jeru Tha Damaja, Brainsick Mob Aight, for the real cats in the streets, that's living the struggle For the seeds, baby, uhm
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