Group Home - Be like that

A Tear For The Ghetto
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Жанр: East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Group Home
Альбом: A Tear For The Ghetto
Длительность: 04:41
Размер: 10,72 Мб
Рейтинг: 435
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SmokeDogg
320 Кб/с

Group Home - Be like that

Текст песни "Group Home - Be like that"

Intro: Agallah Yeah nigga I got the gat on them now Pay back (laughing) Chorus: Lil Dap & Agallah Why, it got to be like that Straight like that, real like that Where my Brooklyn niggas at? Why, it got to be like that Straight like that, real like that Where my Queens niggas at? Why, it got to be like that Straight like that, real like that Where my Harlem niggas at? Why, it got to be like that Straight like that, real like that Where my Bronx niggas at? {Lil Dap} Why it gotta be like that? Niggas, don't act because he flip tracks And broads don't know how to act Chillin the east, with the Group Home appeal Rippin with steel, and you know my niggas are real Like straight like that, will burn a hole right through your map These Brooklyn cats, I hope we eatin your food black We keep it real, with the niggas keep it real with me That understand that street knowledge was there only key See before rappin, niggas couldn't fuck with me It's like these fake brothers stoled Brooklyn streets On these streets I give you square, now shit is the same Because together we stay, and the Desert Storm is on Expect the unexpected, when the juice has been injected The many styles we have, have been well protected Move within a makin, observe the fakin to mistake it My soul is ackin, too much pain i've been takin Inside my heart, I've been torned apart But we play it smart, and get money in the streets smarts Of the streets, cuz my brothers keep it rowdy The way they front, and try to act like they bout it Chorus {Melachi The Nutcracker} Aiyo, I'm comin up, I'm runnin up like a soldier I thought I told you, punks, I controlled ya I'm strong like a boulder, ready to fold ya I treat you like a new born puppy and scold ya I'm older, I'm power full like a dodge Now you know what I'm talkin about me and my squad I pull your card, I'm underground like the mob Punk get on your job, here come the superstars The Nutcracker, quick to snappin your back I was born in the ghetto so it be like that I was born in the ghetto so it be like that I was born in the ghetto so it be like that Chorus {Blackadon} I sing a song, to break your arm The Black is pimpin Brook-lan, who am I the Don The pro with precon, frustated like Saddam I've been behind the seeds, but now I'm here to chop the bomb Look me in my grill, my eyes cold as steel I came to kill, I speak upon you like a pill For that from Brownsville, rusty bitches on my deal Shisty nigga breast filled if I start to fill You weakness is a mil, put your body on chill I ain't got a deal, going out for the mil Cuz skills get more friends then women in the hills The more dough you get, then the more head like Bill For real Chorus {Guru} You won't be able to understand the power of Allah That means God's plan, the hour's facing our man The sour feelings, the ways and actions of this man Suckas was the crew with the span That's like Muhammed & Jesus splittin up without a plan That's like Martin & Malcolm praying for a separate outcome That's why you can't e-mail me, fuck the fiend dot com Supreme alphabet, seekin creaming out the get Mad riches to team, by my next mic check Plus you this artist sacred like Aztec Chorus
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