MC Ren - Mad Scientist

Da Villain in Black
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: MC Ren
Альбом: Da Villain in Black
Длительность: 04:22
Размер: 10,32 Мб
Рейтинг: 898
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: G-Baby
320 Кб/с

MC Ren - Mad Scientist

Текст песни "MC Ren - Mad Scientist"

риал хип-хап! [verse 1] Darkside is were I'm commin' from all alone, strangeling niggaz is fakin' on the microphone, cuz I've bin around and I'm a be around again, who is it? The black nigga that they call Ren, Won't be brackin' on a nine dubble M, my still talk kids turn tricks and you sticks n' stones, so say wuzz up to my niggaz on the sidewalk, but all my black the jack so I can night stock, cuz carry a big stick for niggaz that never shot beabe gall alwayz talkin' 'bout the trigga, just to get payed and make it all routin, if I crack pop they runnin' form tha scene'. There's to many recordz out that ain't sayin' nuthin', and fake az radio stations ain't playin' nuthin', shit gotta get back, it's time to MC, to many new niggaz ain't sure like L.B. I wanna be L and only care from the crean. Aposse like a bitch they get put it in the magazine, get away - french, you ain't right all, you ain't the source. Niggaz wanted to get with me, but your shit was horse. Ploakin' in my cliss the warz for competition. If a crit nigga hang around they get a listen. Try to peep in my note book, but lost a leg. Got paralised neck up from what you read, a mad scientist... [chorus] menacy control we always diss guarente who they doubt a fuckin' mad scientist... menacy control we always diss guarente who they doubt Weak az niggaz keep I.N.S, but who can come and fade the mad scientist. I've bin away from the public, cause I am a enemy. with the black peane disappear like Houdini. God of the univers I control your soul, shaking niggaz up from the bottom of the north pole. In my double S four fifty four with my size ten still towe showe to the floor. It's simple, don't wanna make it complicated, cuz ya simple minded niggaz might get frustrated, with ya bang- bang boogie, cuz Ren heard enough, cuz niggaz don't come with the funky stuff, that I used to hear in 83 and 84, when shit had to be hardcore, ciminal minded, you've bin blinded, I'm lookin' for some shit like that but can't find it, 6'n the mornin', police at my door, niggaz don't make that kinda shit no more, sippin' az niggaz make way, cuz Ren don't play that shit, I'm screamin' mayday, a fuckin' mad scientist... [chorus] Sneaky, sneaky is how I creap up on ya, I clear my throat and then I drop bombz on ya, now be onest did ya think the villain releit knew niggaz come out get out the work, that I put in, figure the pin and I write to the hands feels of the writes shit down and dirty you were swear these apetaitis. I be creating wut ya body longs for and fake az niggaz this is who the song's for, a mad scientist, but I won't make a frankers dine, I just write a rhyme, now I blow ya fuckin' mind. You can't follow this I did'nt leave a sitch, you can't fool the 5 procent that means tray repesentin' I'm wokin' up light and livin' civilized, the messager elaise yo, they opened up my eyez. And the B boyz stand on my throne in black niggaz scared as hell because the villain is back from the sinner of the earth I'd makin' way like a goffer, nigga by my self, I'm takin' over, on a mad scientist... [chorus]
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