Immortal Technique - Obnoxious

Revolutionary, Vol.2
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Immortal Technique
Альбом: Revolutionary, Vol.2
Длительность: 04:50
Размер: 11,14 Мб
Рейтинг: 487
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: S_J
320 Кб/с

Immortal Technique - Obnoxious

Текст песни "Immortal Technique - Obnoxious"

[Immortal Technique:] Ha ha ha [Verse 1] I'm obnoxious, motherfucker can't you tell Run through Little Havannah yelling: 'Viva Fidel' Jerking off at the sheets when I stay at hotels Drinking Bacardi at AA meetings, smoking a L I'm broke as hell my attitude is no good Like working for white people after watching rosewood So I'm a mercenary, I don't care how I get richer Like American companies that did business with Hitler Get the picture nigga, I'm the best of both worlds Without the hidden camera, and the 12 year old girl Let's face it, you're basic, you aren't half the man that I am I throw your gang sign up, and then I'll spit on my hand Give me a hundred grand, give me your watch, give me your chain That's your girl, bitch get over here, give me some brain I'll bust of on her face, and right after the segment She'll probably rub it in her pussy, trying to get herself pregnant I said it I meant it, that's the way I deal with enemies Like pro lifers, that support the death penalty And don't talk about war, when niggas know that your pus A fucking hypocrite draft dodger like George Bush Don't push me nigga, cause I'm close to the edge And I'll jump of with a rope that's wrapped around your head Send a dead fetus to my ex on valentines day The safety's off nigga, so get the fuck out my way [Hook] Obnoxious nigga, murderous lyrics I know that you hear it Now that I'm getting closer and closer I know that you feel it Your eating off rap, and I hope you choke on your gimmick Niggas said hip hop was dead but I awoken the spirit We're taking it, back in the day to the golden age When wack motherfuckers used to get thrown off stage Immortal Technique, I made this the bump in your ride Or burn it off the Internet, and bump it outside Nigga, we keeping it live, we keeping it live We keeping it live, we keeping it live Burn it off the fucking Internet, and bump it outside Yeah nigga [Verse 2] Look motherfucker, my words damage an slaughter A raging alcoholic like the presidents daughters Disgusting flows like third world country tap water But before I hit the border, someone give me a quarter Cause I'm a prank call, cop shot just for kicks Payback for everytime that they called me a spic And Porturigan chicks told me that I fuck like I'm loco And Dominican women call me the 'Rompe Todo' They call me 'Assioso' I'd rather get fired than quit I get unemployment, you work and we making the same shit How dare you niggas criticize the way that I spit You coffee shop revolutionary son of a bitch But you know what the fuck I think is just pathetic and gay When niggas speculate what the fuck 'Pac would say You don't know shit, about a dead mans perspective And talking shit will get your neck bone disconnected Disrespected niggas don't show no love Why you trying to be hardcore, you fucking homo-thug And don't be sensitive and angry at the shit that I wrote Cause if you can take a fucking dick, you can take a joke I choke your friends in front of you, to prove that you fallen off And you won't do shit about it, like the church during the holocaust Kalashnikov machine gun flow that I fire Obnoxious until they shoot me on the day I retire [Hook] [Verse 3] Damn homie, in high school I beat the shit out of you and your man homie Your girl wanna blow me and don't even know me She lonely and she thinks your a phony I take a piss on a development deal from Sony, or Def Jam Cause your like all of the rest man This ain't a verse it's shit talk at the end of the song And you can suck a dick if you think I ended it wrong Fuck you and I'm gone, ha ha ha Piece to the strong hope, EO dub Word-A-Mouf, Forbidden Chapters IAK niggas, west
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