Fu-Schnickens - Sneakin' Up On Ya

CB4 - OST / Тюремный блок 4 - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Fu-Schnickens
Альбом: CB4 - OST / Тюремный блок 4 - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:25
Размер: 7,91 Мб
Рейтинг: 837
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: RAZOR82
320 Кб/с

Fu-Schnickens - Sneakin' Up On Ya

Текст песни "Fu-Schnickens - Sneakin' Up On Ya"

[in the background: "sneakin up, sneakin up" 4X] [Chip Fu] Creepin up on ya, creepin creepin up on ya [4X] [Poc Fu] Check the shit that I flips scuba dip doobie dippin It's groovy; slammin like my man Scottie Pippen Sly like a fox, I kick the shit that rocks I'm +Golden+ with the +Gloves+, but nice with the shots Don't try to put me down, I don't feel pain and sorrow (The sun will come out!) Yeah tomorrow, tomorrow I bet ya bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun Showin grati-TUDE, my atti-TUDE is kind of RUDE I walk with a frown while I puff my cigar an' sit back and stare while I'm cha-cha-cha-charrin Watchin Boogie Down, when they used to put me down Now your mom give me skins and your pop push me pounds Sparkin like a welder, punch ya like I'm Elmer Embarass your ass like Gigi does to Thelma Quick to cut your throat, hey boy don't touch the mic [whoosh whoosh whoosh] Yeah I'm out like three strikes [in the background: "sneakin up, sneakin up" 4X] [Chip Fu] Creepin up on ya, creepin creepin up on ya [4X] [Chip Fu] My lovely lengthy dreadlocks, be roastin on an open fire Twisted tongue that's slippin and lyrically limpin at your PEE-nocci-nose I'm budda-ba-bad, budda-ba-bad, budda-ba-bad to the bone and crafty Sssufferin sssucotash, I let lyricsss fly like DEE Daffy So pass, the mug so Mike can try to ?? figure when learnin this foolish, foolish lyrical style I deliver Maybe way, down upon a swampy river! Far far away (hooray!) yippie-kay-yo-kay-yay Whoa, the dish ran away with the spoon andddd-dddain't-dddat-ddddsomethin-dddindddinddin? And thennnn-IiiiIiii found- five-fy-a-fuck-five-feet-of-linnennenn I Pop-eye's, like Bluto, ah-how you like judo? Not Hong Kong, Fooey, I +chop+ like, some +suey+ Like the Bruce, Banner, I gots a programma So don't don't you cry cry for me oh Susannah Tell your grandma, grandpa, pops and, your mamma that you got, the right one, baby, eh-heh! I'm freakin the stuttering style like just for one reason: I think it's wabbit season, nah-uh duck season Wabbit season, duck season Wabbit season, duck season Wabbit season.. AWWWWW SHUT UP! Hey button your lip it's MC season dagnabbit And ohhwowowowowwwwwwwwwwwww (whattup Chip?) I hate rabbits! (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Be vewy vewy quiet, a hunting we will go Hi-ho, the merry-o cheerio Chip's about to drop a hot potato! 'Yumpin 'Yimminy, Jimminy Crickets-kicks-kicks some rugged and rough shit like this Silly wabbit ain't got 'nuff Trix to pick but I'll chill instead, cause for the big kid, for the big kid, for the big kid's how I uhh, kicks it Yo ahh, rrrrrugabugit, rrrrrugabugit, where's was the mic? It's in the freezer *cough* freezin like like a Raider *cough* My flow's very, ridiculous Like Frosted Lucky Charms my shit is magically delishwish I'm a Chattanooga choo was funkier uh Punky Brewster When I'm a FEE-farmer, PEE-plumber ?? So ??, roll up, rewind selector I huh huh, huh huh huh, like Woodddy-Woodpecker Peace to Victor Bramble, too hot to handle Catch me same bbbabbbbbat time and bbabbabbat channel [in the background: "sneakin up, sneakin up" 4X] [Chip Fu] Creepin up on ya, creepin creepin up on ya [4X] [Moc Fu] Arriba arriba! Pass the boom to M-O smokes the cheeba A new type of flow and I toast the hoe, see-ya Flipper type hitter, quicker to get bigger Don't believe in guns so the fist become the trigger I roll in the hood with my Fu-Schnicken niggaz (Your niggaz?) Yeah, my motherfuckin niggaz! The M-O throws blows (blows) obnoxious type flows (flows) No one knows Bo's but the emery scrolls Kick dogg pound sounds, from miles around when I AIYYYYYYYY AIYYYYYYYY it vibrates your town
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