2pac - Made Niggaz (feat. Outlawz)

Gang Related - OST / Преступные связи - Саундтрек [CD2]
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / OST
Исполнитель: 2pac
Альбом: Gang Related - OST / Преступные связи - Саундтрек [CD2]
Длительность: 05:04
Размер: 11,76 Мб
Рейтинг: 3202
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

2pac - Made Niggaz (feat. Outlawz)

Текст песни "2pac - Made Niggaz (feat. Outlawz)"

[2Pac] No man seperate what we create Unstoppable, untouchable, motherfuckin worldwide mob figures Death Row at it's finest! M.O.B., thug for motherfuckin lifeMotherfuckin made niggaz We comin after these niggaz, worldwide Feel me! Makaveli the Don My life in exchange for yours, born hated as a thug House full of babies cryin from a lack of gettin love Ain't nobody tell me shit, 'til I got a sack of drugs Had the block sewn up, cause I learned to pack a gun, do you feel me? World do ya hear me? Catch a risin star Fuck the love, niggaz fear me Got these niggaz runnin all wild from my double-I When we ride motherfuckers is sho' to die Boom once I enter the room, in the air all you hear is the whispers of doom, niggaz scared They don't wanna see me head on.. Think of all the busters that I had to leave dead and gone Call a gravedigga, fuckin with a made nigga, M.O.B. Gunfire gettin sprayed quicker.. Fuck 'em all let em understand my plot to get richer Much more than six figures, a motherfuckin made nigga (Can you feel me?) A motherfuckin made nigga.. I got a plot to get richer, take my picture A made nigga [Napolean] Nigga I was raised on the streets, I had to hustle just to eat My role model was killin niggaz so I know, I would never be weak They got me sittin wonderin, where my life begins These niggaz crossed my father den my father crossed them Cause I roll with Immortal Thug niggaz And my number one plan to kill a man to grab a needle and drug niggaz Niggaz don't like us because they bitches straight love us The President told us to leave, cause the government don't want us It's Napolean, I get my pleasure out of sin and seein blood spill ain't shit cause I seen it at the beginnin A made nigga [Fatal Hussein] How many niggaz fall in ya vision? Gunnin 'em down for every last minute that I spent in prison We mash together, plus we get cash together Blast whenever knowin it don't last forever It's only one way out and one way in Motherfuckers cross and get crossed out, never made men We find excuses to loot, cock, and shoot Blow the roof off them groups like (?)Rachmel Raouf(?) I can't be touched cause of the weapons I clutch And the niggaz that I'm under, is just too much We made niggaz [E.D.I.] Picture the scenery cause for now you gon' have to imagine Call me a prophet cause I predicted what's gon' happen I began the paper, stackin at those who be paper snatchin, will emerge like crack in the 80's Baby, maybe, that's if I slip But I became official since the start of this, Edi Amin Born July, 7th a few shed eyes Precious but others gave me they hate, to cherish But still I made it, a made nigga made by the game Made for war, my aim is simple and plain Yeah whether it's 'caine, or these tracks made for your brain You'll forever know my name, Edi Amin [Kastro] I ain't count the line, my strap, not head, there will be none of that The young hog, K-Dog playin Outlaw Immortal combat With the criminal skill, they cannot beat me a nigga Til he still and chill, recognize the real dea lFeel - a nigga made when I was young and dumb with a gun but it pays so I'm bustin for fun And the outcome will be the same every time We all gon' die, get yours cause I'ma get mine [Khadafi] Tha Outlawz, we be the Don Juan's of this rough shit Rhymes baptize your mind while paralyze the public With my mentality of war, dead bodies and silence give it to ya raw Thug nigga to the core The results of livin poor, got me thinkin on a made level Shootin my gauge to get paid, a fuckin crazed devil Mash shit from here to there day by day, year to year Made niggaz on ya motherfuckin tear, I'm a made nigga [2Pac] Ha ha ha.. call me a Bad Boy killer murder
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