Tech N9ne - Come Gangsta

EverReady (The Religion) (Disc 1: EverReady)
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Альбом: EverReady (The Religion) (Disc 1: EverReady)
Длительность: 05:36
Размер: 13,32 Мб
Рейтинг: 2466
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
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Tech N9ne - Come Gangsta

Текст песни "Tech N9ne - Come Gangsta"

Intro: The spiked red hair...and the..and the, paintn' his face Wha, hold on man, Tech is losein' it man He's not as grounded as he used to be Tech was a devil worshiper You know you see a black dude with red hair And a long beard, I mean look he look scary to me too Yeah that nigga Tech man he sellin' out man That is..that's he's doin' that for the white folks That white shit he doin' man [Verse 1: Tech N9ne] I've been writing for Nineteen years for sure Hate rules in these times Niggaz don't wanna see me shine Stop me, and then try ta tell me (Come gangsta) And then compare me to Nelly (What ya bang bra) So this songs is gonna tell me ?? Hey, I've been bustin' And fizz knuckin' bitches It tizz nothin' for years puffin' I've been clutchin' riches from his muffin' Heres fuck you niggaz this is toughin' I (Don't know what the fuck you thinkin' tellin me this shit is hella fake) Say, since way back in the days rappin' The blaze happen I raised raves, craves days would blade packin' And stage saggin' Theys wackin' Nina stays layed backin' I (Laugh at niggaz contantly they never know the money Nina makes) Hey, this is amazin' how niggaz formulate they hatin' You fuckin' fornicate your mistakin' We can never coralate cause you fakin', huh Who's bringin' in through the bacon, huh Who's keepin' this shakin', huh (Got any questions Sinister Tech and Tecca Nina niggaz know the rest) Gay, is all you punks and mitch bades diss in your trunk won't get played on the radio Too gangsta for an old lady bro Gangsta niggaz don't hate me no Wanksta niggaz won't face me though (Talkin' shit and books my people people tellin' me that I really need a vest) Okay [Bridge 1: Tech N9ne] I rep the town harder than any of you niggaz Where ever I stand my bills the same punk And you got the nerve to tell me [Hook: Tech N9ne] Come gangsta Throw your rags in the air And know that nobody there Will compare to your gangsta Sag your pants to the floor Every womens a bitch or a whore When your gangsta Pack ya guns in the club If they shrug to them thugs mean mug ya come gangsta Is what they sayin' to me [Verse 2: Tech N9ne] I shoulda been done come wit a gun For the ones who bump they gums who the one Said a nigga was'nt gonna make another record said I was wack and washed up, done Said a nigga might scare, lil' ones He's a fuckin' nightmare, here he comes With red hair and my face painted They said (Gangsta) Messy Mob and Colion is a (Gangsta) But I really ain't (Gangsta) I need to come up wit a (Gangsta) Scritch the scratch the nigga fat tone is so (Gangsta) You need a bit of that (Gangsta) You need to hang wit a (Gangsta) Mr. Stinky Vigalante so (Gangsta) Brother Lynch is (Gangsta) The Briggit Diggit is (Gangsta) 57 RDVs are so (Gangsta) The nigga fifty is (Gangsta) They say When you in them streets, creep creep Cause some gangstas want a head blast Cause I run with the red rags And try make the feds flash Try to swipe my bread stash (That's that bullshit I'm gon skip and try to go get the money grip) Okay, you niggaz kill me in Nosferatu Vampear bit my shit Cause you niggaz fill me surprised that I got you right here with my shit So you gotta be thankfull to who? By the way homie what's gangsta to you? (Money, dope and alcohol and plenty bitches all up on your dick) I got that How can C-Bo be wrong? How can Yukmouth be wrong? How can Lynch be wrong? How can 2Pac be wrong? Bitch! [Hook] Come gangsta Throw your rags in the air And know that nobody there Will compare to your gangsta Sag your pants to the floor Every womens a bitch, or a whore
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