House Of Pain - The Have Nots

Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Hardcore Rap / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: House Of Pain
Альбом: Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again
Длительность: 04:24
Размер: 10,08 Мб
Рейтинг: 2258
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

House Of Pain - The Have Nots

Текст песни "House Of Pain - The Have Nots"

Here come come the, here come the pain (pain)...x4 Uplift your soul Get your house in order Mc’s be actin’ like they walkin’ on water I’ll break ya down like a poem wrote in hyku Who you gonna lie to Before I crucify you Hammer to the nails My face impailen’ My acid flashbacks got everything trailin’ I’m sailen blind on the open sea Like an overload of coatahacian refugees And I’m on my knees My face on the rug One more frustration for my salvation My jinns buggin up Got me fuckin’ up Callin’ my flesh But my sole wouldn’t mesh [chorus] So lick a shot when I heat up the spot I’m taking from the have’s ’cause to be the have nots Lick a shot when I heat up the spot Boy, where you gonna run when the gun get hot So lick a shot when I heat up the spot I’m taking from the have’s ’cause to be the have nots Lick a shot when I heat up the spot Boy, where you gonna run when the gun get hot Here come come come the pain...x4 I got the pressures of the world comin’ down all around me I thought I was lost but thank God you found me I’m gettin’ crazy ideas of suicide Lord I tried...lord I tried To make the best of what I got I keep on takin’ my shots From the critics and the media That’s what it be to ya But you can stick it where the sun don’t shine ’cause I’m goin for mine I rock it all the time Here come the pain [chorus] Well in the race for rats that be holdin’ gats I’ll run the hustle on the legend like minnesota fats Not domino cause your wisdom found at thrill Drunk on strawberry hill the episode be re-runnin’ Over and over, and three times a lady She said peep the scene at the end I ain’t shady But, you and me be hush hush The word be mush If you take the low pro I’ll still give you some ’cause I got a man and he pays my bills Keeps my wears real fly and hooks my hair and nails Baby don’t sweat keep don’t worry I be vietkong I can live three days on a bowl of rice and a piece of fish I’ll grant your every wish [chorus]
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