Rah Digga - Break Fool

Dirty Harriet
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Rah Digga
Альбом: Dirty Harriet
Длительность: 03:28
Размер: 8,01 Мб
Рейтинг: 611
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Rah Digga - Break Fool

Текст песни "Rah Digga - Break Fool"

Yeah Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Rah Digga, Dirty Harriet, Yall AAAAHHHH Shit Bricks See me on the block with tha chromed out drop Lambskin head to toe bustin out my halter top 'Tight' rippin through tha hood Blow up the whole spot With tha system TV ?Foremon? EASY!! Working the scene on the quest for lime green Steady puffin on brown just for the time being Battle raps on cock I get all up in your ear Trying to get a record deal, battling somebody famous Pounds to my girls as we slide up in the dance bar Niggas in my grill like they really got a chance Chicken heads trying to front like they not Digga fans Say fuck yall!! Groupies Do Me TRULY Shittin on MC's, what I do for a living Tight takin over spots like my name was Robin Givins Anybody got a beat, then they better keep it hittin Retailers put your fit in for the hottest chick spittin [Hook] This for my niggas and bitches makin moves By day you play it cool, by night you break fool Say flood it, whip it, smoke it, trick it Flood it, whip it, smoke it, trick it This for my niggas and bitches makin moves By day you play it cool, by night you break fool Say flood it up FLOOD IT UP Whip it up WHIP IT UP Smoke it up SMOKE IT UP Trick it up TRICK IT UP VIP area Certain heads get in Cats without wristbands steady trying to slip in Weed on delivery, everybody chip in Dump it, roll it, spark it, smoke it Ladies where you at say 'Do you queen?' Gotta krib, gotta whip, high heels, and tight jeans My straight thug bitches rock Tims and tattoos After one or two drinks he ready to ACT FOOL!! Now, this for my real live underground cats who be checkin for the rhymes not checkin for the track Take away all the hype and a nigga straight wack Say fuck dat!! FUCK DAT!! Fuck Dat!! FUCK DAT!! My squad hold it down passin bars, passin mics Make emcees stay at home with water and flashlights Ya motherfuckas crazy telling 'Git Da Git' Trying to see my clique, ain't even getting past the chick [Hook] For those who want to whip it For those who want to flood it For those who want to buy it For those who want to dub it For those who want the sexy For those who want the rugged Say Digga DIGGA Hardcore SLUGGERS Comin up fast while you're fallin even faster A blitz on a Jack handling my money matters For those who want to smoke it For those who want to trick it For those who want to hate me niggas know where they can stick it
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