P.O.D. - Ridiculous (feat. Eek-A-Mouse)

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Жанр: Alternative Metal / Nu-Metal / Rapcore
Исполнитель: P.O.D.
Альбом: Satellite
Длительность: 04:18
Размер: 9,84 Мб
Рейтинг: 7457
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Jinegve
320 Кб/с

P.O.D. - Ridiculous (feat. Eek-A-Mouse)

Текст песни "P.O.D. - Ridiculous (feat. Eek-A-Mouse)"

Skillfully tested, rhythmically possessed with rhymes And when it was time, jah gave me the mic after he blessed it He said share the loving, prepare them for the second coming Beware of the false prophets, because they got my people bugg'n Put on the full armor, cause you know these fools they're gonna wanna Talk behind your back, but stay away from the drama You know that I'm gonna keep you safe inside the palm of my hand Cause you the man and that's word to your mama So give it to 'em, it's themselves that they're fool'n Gotta head of the game too quick, what they lack is ol' school'n You know who's who, whether or not I'm talking to your crew It's up to you to keep it true, nuff respect due. Chorus (x2): Dem test me crew, but dem can't get with this Dem all the same, talking wickedness (nonsense c 2nd time) Your styles been played, and I'm already sick of it Them so ridiculous, them so ridiculous. Original rude boy, we bring the styles Ain't heard this in a while, check the stats, review my profile They dime a dozen, can't understand why all the fuss'n Known for talking loud but they really saying nothing With every word you poison my mental concept Negative be the topic, somebody's got to stop it And clear your mind and continue to come alive And he love, we love, bring it back, come, rewind. Chorus To all my peoples that be keeping it real They know the time and they know the deal To all my peoples that are down with this crew We keep it live cause this one's for you Chorus Christ You're not who they say you are They made you the enemy (christ-jah flesh; christ-light within; christ- beginning and the end) Taken something so beautiful Painted a new picture that makes me sick (christ-witness; christ-living one; christ-first and the last) Feed our minds confusion Sweeten the taste of pollution. (christ-word life; christ-resurrect; christ-everlasting jah) Chorus: Some people call you father Maybe you could set me free These people hate each other But you've always been there for me I refuse to be like you Without life, caving in (christ-jah flesh; christ-light within; christ- beginning and the end) I surrender, giving up all that is me Yielding to you (christ-witness; christ-living one; christ-first and the last) Shape me in my brokeness Empower me forever (christ-word life; christ-resurrect; christ-everlasting jah) Chorus Outro: I know you will complete this work started in me I need you more than ever now that I know who you are I know you will complete this work started in me I need you more than ever now that I've come so far
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