Bubba Sparxxx - The Otherside (Feat. Petey Pablo And Sleepy Brown)

The Charm
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Bubba Sparxxx
Альбом: The Charm
Длительность: 03:57
Размер: 5,62 Мб
Рейтинг: 398
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
198 Кб/с

Bubba Sparxxx - The Otherside (Feat. Petey Pablo And Sleepy Brown)

Текст песни "Bubba Sparxxx - The Otherside (Feat. Petey Pablo And Sleepy Brown)"

Try this one! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1 - Bubba Sparxxx] I come, they go, I run, they slow Ain't ashamed that I did what I did I just lived how I lived, your life say so Ain't a single hole I can't roll I'm platinum, they proud of they gold Buckhead bouncin, moved a little ounces Talkin out loud, but I didn't know Waitin for the day that Bubba K blow When you got a show though, bet you can't fold Ask 2 Stoute, he know what I'm talkin 'bout Motherfuckin bank account, they say o's These hoes better stay on they toes The deep play threat, I just may go 87 yards in the blink of an eye It really don't matter what you think of the guy Cause I'm eager to try this style and that style and stack piles Of cash, While sayin somethin, dude's agile, hear that wow A bad child that turned good, now I earn good, but I burn better That kush, please just shush wuss, I'm the team captain, get your first letter (bitch!, pussy) [Chorus - Sleepy Brown - w/ ad libs] Your thinkin your that boy, know where I cut boy I'm on the otherside of the room Your lady been frisky, tell her come get me I'm on the otherside of the room If you came to party, let's go get it started I'm on the otherside of the room Whether you wit me, or you against me I'm on the otherside of the room We never refused to carry them thangs (click, click) Back in the days, hot as a flame And I sent 'em through the blaze All day for the pay, dollar bill from the 'caine It's the Mr Motherfucker wit a hundred different names Ain't fuck with nobody (body), ain't want no problems I've been, there but quite understand A man that never talk hardly Stayed to his self (cha cha), quiet as kept With a coldness in his eyes, that'll scare you to death I was on my way, man I had one foot in the grave Motherfucker I stayed contemplatin about my last and final day Wasn't supposed to be nothin Niggaz supposed to gave me life in prison Last pick, misfit, partner did the full 20 Hey, I'm right here, heat it up, got the whole world shakin for me Haha sayin (sayin) [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Bubba Sparxxx] Yeah, yeah, yeah Baby death and taxes ain't the only thing certain To come unnerved from out from behind the closed curtain Bubba skirtin, what's the word You must of heard a lot of BS was asserted Since none of us perfect, wonder who that was unnervin Not me, not you, grin and bear it, got to If they ain't worried about you, and they ain't worried about you Here, here, get it clear, disappear from out my hemisphere If indeed you got some business here, then state it crystal clear All this fake innuendo from little minos Gon' make the big O, fish up lower on the fish hole Bub came to name baby, tell me that I did so I'd rather watch my momma 'Get Low' then quit this fo sho (yo) [Chorus - 2X]
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