Cypress Hill - Kronologik (featuring Kurupt)

Stoned Raiders
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Жанр: Rap / Nu-Metal / Hardcore Rap
Исполнитель: Cypress Hill
Альбом: Stoned Raiders
Длительность: 04:46
Размер: 11,16 Мб
Рейтинг: 3702
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Cypress Hill - Kronologik (featuring Kurupt)

Текст песни "Cypress Hill - Kronologik (featuring Kurupt)"

You don't know no real shit, nigga. it's the real shit! This the original Cypress Hill shit, nigga We numb niggas, ya don't feel shit, nigga You ain't on no real shit, nigga 91 Cypress Hill burst upon the scene Three crazy, gun-totin' niggas smokin' weed Talkin' about life on records was the whole plan So we put out The Phuncky Feel, and Kill A Man. KILL A MAN That was about the time we was openin' up for loyalty Didn't know shit, we were jus' tryin' to rock the party 92 a year later, 'bout a million records sold From doin' shows like Lollapalooza on the road Buildin' up momentum, whilst spittin' deadly venom Takin' pictures for High Times, three months in a wagon Chillin' with the Beastie Boys, smokin' lots of weed But it was time to hit the studio for another LP 93 Black Sunday hits, with critical acclaim Had a monster hit from Insane In The Brain Topped the charts, held the spot, for six weeks to boot It was a trip to note, that we was the first ones to do it in rap music, but it was a feat none the less So we started gettin paid and I stopped smokin' STRESS 94 still in the door and we conquered many tours With Rage Against The Machine, House Of Pain and many more Was even invited to Woodstock, some niggas from the block called up Eric Bobo and half a million rocked How could all this happen at 24 years of age? Half a million bouncin' to your shit from off the stage 95 I was alive and survived so far Still tryin' to cope with bein' a Rap Star 'Cos that's the type of shit that can really affect your mental This was evident, in the way I broke the tempo With confusin, "I'm havin' Illusions" pain, and illusions But I still kept my set up with the critics bein' abusive. yeah Even the record company, they became illusive When it comes to showin' support for the Cypress institution 96 wit' no support we were still makin' moves Cypress Hill, in the summer, we were on the Smokin' Grooves But like every legend every click, someone had to split So the Dog left the house, shit was gettin' kinda thick I was with the electric lady, we was talkin' about babies but the groupies on the road don't help me from misbehavin' 97 was the trip, it was the year we killed the feud Between us and Cube, over shit nobody knew The Dog came back home but after Smokin' Grooves 2 Chillin' with George Clinton and Erykah Badu This was a crazy time, we were flowin' off the boo Niggas on stage, trippin' on the 'shrooms 98 was kinda great, cos it felt just like before We hit the studio, recorded Cypress Hill IV But someone dropped the ball, as I still recall 'Cos it felt Cypress Hill got no support at all We did the last Smokin' Grooves, but did it all with Sen and the old chemistry, just reared it's head again 99 I got to recline, because there was no doubt That the first year was a success, of the Smoke Out 99 was even better than the year of '98 and Skull And Bones was comin' out, kickin' from the gate 2000 15 million records sold They broke the mould, but there's others along the road But we still keep rollin' on from Heaven to Atlantis Droppin' shit in English and makin' albums in Spanish 2001 Goddamn, who knows what's in store? Just as long as motherfuckers know, who's knockin' on the door We remain unjaded and still we go unfaded See how long we made it and never ben outdated We ain't goin out, motherfucker. That's right, FUCK that! You don't know the time of Cypress Hill. Motherfuckin' renovaters up here It's the REEAAL! Nigger nigga ni-ni-nigga This the original Cypress Hill shit nigga Nigga nigga ni-ni-nigga, CYPRESS, nigger! Yeah
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