Cypress Hill - Whatta You Know

Unrelased And Revamped
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Cypress Hill
Альбом: Unrelased And Revamped
Длительность: 03:13
Размер: 7,38 Мб
Рейтинг: 787
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Cypress Hill - Whatta You Know

Текст песни "Cypress Hill - Whatta You Know"

(Whatta you know?) [x3] [B-Real:] Whatta you know? The nigga stole my dough So I reached in the closet for the 4-4 (Whatta you know?) Jus' hold on, just wait a minute It's gone, along with my big bad nickel-plated Whatta you know? The fucker took my phone I still can't believe that he robbed my home! Whatta you know? I think he got to the herb And the ferria, and the jewlery, and the Mausberg Whatta you know? I can't find my keys to the 6-5 All the way live on D's Whatta you know? I can't find my Rolex With the 21 diamonds, shinin' on flecks Whatta you know? When I find that mark-ass nigga, I'ma cut out his fuckin' heart! [Sen-Dog:] Whatta you know? I came up on this baller For the dollar and the weed sack, and his Impala! Whatta you think, when you can't trust your so-called homie Like me, and you thought that you know me? Whatta you feel, when you're lookin' in the closet And the gat's gone, and so is your cellular phone? Whatta you know? I took your loot and the jewels With the buddah and the laptop in the nickel-plated tool! Whatta you know? Now I run the show With the phat pockets and the nigga's fly gold Wahtta you think, when ya ass gets jacked By a homie who was supposed to have your back? [B-Real:] Whatta you know? I'm rollin' in my zone And I think I see the puto who rigged my home [Whatta you think?] I got the glock in the glove Should I dump on the man, leave him lying in the mud? Wahtta you know? He pulled out my 4-4 Now I got no choice, so I let it all flow (Whatta you know?) The motherfucker's all blastin' 4-5 equal, in time for some tractions (Whatta you know?) Slide action, no question Forty-five slug is bad for your complexion (Whatta you know?) The puto's cryin' like a bitch Now the puto's lyin' in a fuckin' ditch! [B-Real spoken:] (Whatta you know?) You can't even trust your fuckin' best homeboy these days, homes. (Whatta you know?) You got to sleep with one nine fuckin' open ... (Whatta you know?) Payback's a motherfuckin' bitch! (Whatta you know?) That puto should've watched his fuckin' back.
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