Kool G Rap - Ghetto Knows

4, 5, 6
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Kool G Rap
Альбом: 4, 5, 6
Длительность: 04:30
Размер: 10,33 Мб
Рейтинг: 998
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: RAZOR82
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Kool G Rap - Ghetto Knows

Текст песни "Kool G Rap - Ghetto Knows"

Chorus: repeat 2X Yo you gotta go you gotta go you gotta go (G: And aiyyo what you don't know believe the ghetto knows) [Kool G. Rap] New York New York the city that never sleeps Bodies covered in white sheets are layin in the streets Shit gets deep as we creep up the block by the kids slangin rocks and holdin glocks stolen from the cops to get props You gotta split a top on the regular or get plugged in your mug, from a slug, by your competitor Gunshots echo throughout the city like thunder, no wonder Another brother six feet under You know it ain't no jokin when the streetlights are broken So keep your eyes open, or get ready for a, smokin 'loc Step out of line, I hope you got your nine gun son The Smith and Wess', you better press 9-1-1 (word up) or make a run for it there's too many to tackle The Big Apple'll put your ass on ice like a Snapple So even though I rap I gots to stay strapped Niggaz act up I back up (PI-YAH) I bust a cap inside your fuckin hat Don't even pose with them hoes, the swinger that you chose just might be down with the foes, only the shadow knows And ain't no lollipop, lollipop over here only the shottie pops (BOOM) Now just sit back and watch the bodies drop The younger gunmen got the bigger niggaz runnin The shorties (what) the shorties (what) the shorties are comin to push a nigga wig back, and leave his ass flat on his back The motherfuckin ghetto knows, and it's like that Chorus [Kool G. Rap] Today's headlines, another nigga dead Six to the body and fo' to the head Followed the red bitch in the bed full of lead A drug-related case and now the place is filled with Feds Ramshacked the shack, disclouse 'bout two kilos of dope Two ounces of coke's caught in the pocket of his coat So, another brother caught the ultimate surprise with blown out brains, to drop stains on his eyes Dazed as I sit back and watch the channel two news Watchin his family goin through all the boo-hoos You lose, like an Ill Street, the Blues are gettin deeper Nothin left in the room except for him, the Grim Reaper Police are takin ? snapshots, scoop up some blooddrops Pull out a file on a juvenile child of mugshots The cops knew he fell victim to laws on the street So they just, pull out the white sheets, to cover up the dead meat Seal off the area with yellow tape, draw the white chalk around the body now the party has to motivate One more outlaw, was murdered on the scene for the green Died at the age of seventeen Chorus [Kool G. Rap] Strollin the concrete, packin my heat, walkin the backstreets I seen niggaz pull up, peepin me out the side a black Jeep Six feet deep, that's where I'm goin if I'm slippin Steady cockin my shit cause I already got the clip in Now who's the first nigga to run up, here they come up the block hardrocks with glocks rollin holdin they guns up I buck, I buck, and then I struck one in the chest Nigga shoulda wore a vest but now his ass is put to rest But now I got three mo' niggaz, pullin triggers Strays are ricochetin off the bricks, zigga zigga But who got the biggest strap? Who's bustin bigger caps? My BOOM BOOM BOOMS against they PAP PAP PAPS No haps, G. Rap ain't goin out like a sucker I reloaded the shot and dropped another motherfucker Quick, I duck and shit to dodge the bullets comin at me Cause I won't be too happy with a slug inside my nappy Two more niggaz left, they scared to death, but I'm leary Shit gets kinda scary when I got bulletholes near me I went between two cars, lettin off the quarter pound I see another body fallin down to the ground Quick I run up on him cause I don't think that he's dead Standin over his ass I put two more inside his head That's three ni
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