Stuck Mojo - An Open Letter

Declaration Of A Headhunter
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Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Stuck Mojo
Альбом: Declaration Of A Headhunter
Длительность: 02:01
Размер: 4,62 Мб
Рейтинг: 642
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: RAZOR82
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Stuck Mojo - An Open Letter

Текст песни "Stuck Mojo - An Open Letter"

We, the members of the Mojo family, feel that your actions and retoric as a self professed leader of the black community are in fact detrimental to the very people you claim to represent. We also feel that as a result you do much to undermind the well-being and harmony of the United States as a whole. You kind of work for the advancement of the black community and you speak from a position that the black population cannot advance itself socialy, politically or economically because an immovable object, the white establishment, forever blocks its path Yet you preach further support such as welfare and affirmative action that put members of the population in a position of dependancy and reliance on the establishment You bask in the glow of the media spot light, you passionately decree that racism and prejudice are alive today as they were four hundred years ago, but does this do anything to reverse it's effect? No one with the intellegence will deny that a great atrocity was commited against the black race at the hands of white settlers of this country, but a wound cannot heal if it is continuously re-opened That is to say, that it will heal but it will take much longer and the scar it leaves will be grotesque and raise high on the skin A true leader leads by example and the example you have shown is not one of stregnth of character, self-reliance, commentment to excellence or personal accountability It's these traits that are necessary to advace oneself as an individual It is only as strong curagous and moral individuals that any race can live the quality of life that it chooses We give our deepest respect to the true leaders: Alan Keys, J.C. Watts, Tony Brown, and Dr. Walter Williams Men who never deny their heritage but are proud to be first and foremost a part of the human race
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