Gang Starr - Who Got Gunz (feat. Fat Joe & M.O.P.)

The Ownerz
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Gang Starr
Альбом: The Ownerz
Длительность: 03:37
Размер: 8,53 Мб
Рейтинг: 1479
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Gang Starr - Who Got Gunz (feat. Fat Joe & M.O.P.)

Текст песни "Gang Starr - Who Got Gunz (feat. Fat Joe & M.O.P.)"

[Fat Joe] yeah uh, GangStarr Crack Man, M.O.P. uh, BX, Brooknam, haha come on living legends, ya heard me? yeah uh yo uh I got seven Mac 11s about eight .38 Nine nines, Mac 10s man this shit never end Even if the apple won't spin I reach in my back pocket and blast you and his twin Niggaz yellin out the window "Joe's at it again" But this bastard's got lawyers, keep him outta the pen I mean feds wanna knock me just cuz I'm cocky An arrogant fuck, wave "Hi" when they watch me Can't stop me everytime official Better find my residuals or this nine gon' lift you "He was a fine individual" what the papers scriptured Had him on the front page in his graduation pictures And they probably never hit you if you brought your glock Me and my gat like Wilson, we all we got We walk the scorchin blocks with the hawk on top Even if the old ladies love to call the cops I got guns [Lil' Fame] You got, he got, they got M dot, O dot, P my nigga we got guns Big ones, extra large heat Humongous shit that won't fit up under your car seat Pop in a heart beat Keep the cannon in my reach Lay you flat on your back like you was tannin on the beach We keep them damn thangs full of hollows And I'm from Christopher bitch, bang with the Wallace Fit raw this nigga you ain't loco You're buttocks big boy, your heart pumps Sunoco Brownsville deep in my genes I show you +bad boy+ for real, keep thinkin shit is +Peaches and Cream+ We'll run you down, MO-Ps hunt ya down Gun ya down, guns sing like blaow Raise up cock pot my biscuit for my nigga O.G. had quick shit We got guns [Hook] We got, we got, they got (GUNS!) Crazy ill, man rowdy I gots it locked Bringin the noise, bringin the funk, pop the lock But only if you feel this shit We got, we got, they got (GUNS!) Crazy ill, man rowdy I gots it locked Bringin the noise, bringin the funk [Guru] Nowadays my priorities ain't based on fun I'm tryna cop some more property and in case of them guns Sick society's got Guru protectin his fam Fuck Prudential, I got my own protection plan Respect me man, I'm on a mission so to speak You're too dumb to play your position so unique I'll trade 'way your meat faggot vacate the streets GangStarr, First Fam, and TS, we way deep And even if you had a thought to move on us Our fire power will devour, bitch you'll chew on dust Slow death, no rep, hollows have you gaspin You rich just for you, he got a lavish casket Call us savage bastards usin all means necessary It's only customary It's you we got to bury We'll dead your homo thug network Head shots make your head jerk Mylock's been in the roof, he's an expert [Billy Danze] Who got a problem? It's already been established I'll come through your town with a pound like a savage Still throwin down on the grounds that I'm average Can I hear for a gangster? YEAH NIGGA It's always some shit but it's always a clip to re-route your doubts and see what you about Your homeboy's a snitch and your bossman's a bitch We takin over these bricks (IS THAT SO?) Doin underhanded shit, I'll shoot you in your abdomen You fraud, you're movin like a broad with this faggot shit And you deserve a hole in the back of your motherfuckin head the doctor can't fix on the concrete, we palm heat like soldiers Spit one in your whip and flip your shit over Keep in mind whatever the nine spit It&a
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