UGK - Gravy

Underground Kingz [CD1]
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: UGK
Альбом: Underground Kingz [CD1]
Длительность: 04:57
Размер: 11,48 Мб
Рейтинг: 647
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: RAZOR82
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "UGK - Gravy"

[Pimp C] Uhhhhhhhh~! If you know like I know you would get down on the flo' I keep a magnum for they back and I keep a swisha full of 'dro We can get down for my dime and we can fuck, on the low And if you didn't want a Pimp then what'cha fuckin with me fo'? Every lady ain't a hoe and every hoe ain't my bitch It take a real trill nigga to recognize this type of shit Every girl around me legit, I don't fuck around with no punks Ride with me she holdin a pistol while I'm whippin and poppin the trunk We gon' blow a lot of skunk and we gon' make a lot of bread And we ain't never gon' have no problems 'long as she hear what the fuck I said Pimpin ain't dead it just moved to the website Still like to get my dick sucked under the street lights I'm Tony Snow, I'm out here livin by the code In love with a lifestyle, not no bitch I'm in that mode I'm lookin at you you choosin me my dickhead never stop I'm Pimp C bitch, I'm superstar, we headed to the top [Chorus: sung] I'm stayin true, I'm out here whippin my Mercedes Fuckin with the midnight ladies - the game is cold but it's gravy I'm bangin Screwwww, my young girl lookin fine We stayin out here on the grind - and keepin money on our mi-ii-iind [Bun B] Well I'm certified official, authentic and the real McCoy Guaranteed to blow the spot when I'm in it, gotta feel ya boy 100%, real Bun B I represent Trill with that gangster-ass persona so hard it can dent, steel In the hood cause it needs me, and the corner it feeds me So I eat all I want, my reputation procedes me If you grimy or greasy, then your best step be easy Cause that forty-feezy, leave you leakin fo' sheezy Trigger fingers I squeeze see, and the cannons is bust Them bullets blow by you breezy, like a midsummer gust It'll put your dick in the dust, when I put one up in your dome You be leakin out plasma and puss, and your mouth'll fill up with foam So you gotta go hard or go home, either be a boy or a man Gotta pay the cost to be the boss or you take a loss understand? Gotta play the hand that you're dealt, that's until it's yo' turn to deal Otherwise you get it how you live, I could give a fuck how you feel [Chorus] [Pimp C] I'm Pimp C bitch, I'm from the SOOOOOOOOOUTH This scary hoe don't wanna know what it's ABOOOOOOOOUT Cause I stay country true down to the co', dick good like uncut blow In your nose, in your jaws, feel it tighten up don't stop don't pause Candy nigga drive candy cars, fuck the D.A. fuck the law I fuck the snow but I love a pro like flatbackers I'm a Cadillac'er On parole well I'm a pistol packer, drugs sold, powder jacker Get with me if she a money stacker, bitch around me man I'ma mack her [Bun B] From the land of cheap work and steady licks With pounds of 'dro and Impala bricks We grind to eat, and eat to live This shit for real, these ain't no tricks With 36 hoes to the ki', and ten kilos grams in the sack And 15 sacks up in the trunk now that's one point five mill' worth of crack It's Big Dick Cheney, Tony Snow, the King Committee is now in session Today's agenda, get that dough cause the clock is tickin, time is pressin No second guessin, make your mind up, step your grind up and get that pay Gotta sell your ass or a nigga blast if you wanna roll with that UGK [Chorus]
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