Eminem - Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)

Diss Me, Diss You [CD2]
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Eminem
Альбом: Diss Me, Diss You [CD2]
Длительность: 05:34
Размер: 6,38 Мб
Рейтинг: 395
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Doctor
160 Кб/с

Eminem - Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)

Текст песни "Eminem - Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)"

[Eminem] Hey yo dawg I got some shit on my motherfuckin chest that I need to get off cause, if I don't I'ma fuckin explode, or somethin Now look - this is a story about some little fuckin girls that I know It goes like this.. It's so easy for me to make enemies any more it's sickening People are lookin for an excuse to jump on my shitlist Stickin their noses in shit that isn't none of their business I never asked, cared, gave a fuck, or wanted opinions Now I'm in the position that, I don't wanna be in - shit I never had no beef with your corny son of a bitches But now the shit is broke and you can't do nothin to fix it So I'm tellin you right now - motherFUCK a Limp Bizkit Now I'ma be real, B-Real was real He ain't say shit the whole time me and Whitey was beefin; see he chilled He was cool with the whole situation and kept it neutral I'd have never involved my crew if it wasn't for Pupils Peoples, whatever your backpackin cypherin name is Had I not opened a magazine and seen what you sayin and I'da never involved you, but you had to add your two pennies Now I gotta go grab my shitlist and add some new enemies Hit the studio and I'll admit, I had a few in me Fuck it, I roasted you, I ain't mad at you any But let it be known that song was never released, it leaked I'da never gave you that much attention intentionally Then I look on the TV, now look who's mentionin me That little fuckin weasel, DJ Lethal, on MTV After I gave you props in that song, you on national TV Talkin bout Everlast is gonna whip my ass when he sees me? Come on dawg, you was supposed to be on that song Talkin bout how bad you hate him, now you all on his thong? What's wrong? You scared, and Fred, you said you was dissin him too I shoulda knew better than to listen to you You fuckin sissy, up on stage, screamin how people hate you They don't hate you They just think you're corny since Christina played you And I dare you motherfuckers to try to diss me back That's a sissy act, and don't call me kissin my ass Cause I swear to God this ain't just a song I'm tryin to pre-warn you Lethal when I fuckin see you dawg I'm swingin on you! Motherfuckers must think cause I'm in trouble with the law that I won't jaw 'em, up my sentence and double it tomorrow [Chorus] Y'all some - girrrrls - y'all are some god damn girls Why do you act this way? - Why do you act this way huh? Why do y'all act like fuckin sissies you pussies keep talkin shit behind my back you just some bitches for that And we all knowwww - we all know, hah How fuckin cowards rollll - "keep rollin rollin rollin" In-fuckin-dent me's and pretend to be down But as soon as someone calls you out You put your tail between your legs and bow dowwwn [Eminem] Now I don't ask nobody to share my beliefs, to be involved in my beefs I'm a man, I can stand on my feet So if you don't wanna be in 'em all I ask is that you don't open your mouth with an opinion and I won't put you in 'em Cuz I don't ask nobody to share my beliefs, to be involved in my beefs I'm a man, I can stand on my feet So if you don't wanna be in 'em all I ask is that you don't open your mouth with an opinion and I won't put you in 'em Now see if you diss me and I respond, the beef is on But if I help you sell one record and I see you at a show, I'll strip you naked See I was smart, I came back and scooped up my friends Now I got five dawgs that'll die for me like I'll die for them I'll fight for them, swing or shoot like I fight for Kim All of 'em been with me through this fucked up life that I'm in That goes for all of my dogs, from Royce to Dre From Xzibit to Mel-Man, 'til I&#39
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