Fat Joe - Take A Look At My Life

Def Jam: Fight For NY - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Fat Joe
Альбом: Def Jam: Fight For NY - Саундтрек
Длительность: 04:00
Размер: 5,5 Мб
Рейтинг: 2732
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: lama987
192 Кб/с

Fat Joe - Take A Look At My Life

Текст песни "Fat Joe - Take A Look At My Life"

[Intro: Fat Joe] Whooo.. friendly day in the neighborhood Birds is chirpin (Hi neighbor!) Niggas walkin they dogs, ha ha, watering they flowers That's my neighborhood.. FUCK NO! I'm from the streets of the BX Boro where niggas push packs This is that surge shit, that full flex shit, All Groh shit Raul ya heard me? Macho, Jigga Brown JD, Charlie Rock LD, Remy Ma, unh Sound boy turn this shit up right here [Fat Joe] I'm your idol, your higest title, numero uno Yes I'm Puerto Rican and I speak it so that you know Stomp.. yeah that's the idea Leave that nigga leakin from ear ta ear Listen here young bruh, man ya end is near They probaly, find your body at the end of the pier Niggas must be crazy to mistakin me for folk lore I put the eighty to your baby man I told y'all Fuckin wit crack's like fuckin wit Crack What? Pull out the pipe or push your weight back Look, ya hate that, look we stay straped From Crook from way back done took the game back Ya shook, remain fact top of the world, stop knockin the girl She in the drop with already rock lock and the pearl Fish Scale ta Heron, live well from here on Half a mil in ya grill, of course we bare all Niggas thinkin that rap is just words I pull up in they curb, pull a Desert Bird and clear the block in no time Get off my dick, stop focus shit and get cha own shine, muhh'fucka [Chorus: Fat Joe] Take a look at my life, and you can see that I'm from the Bronx where it's known to hear the heat clap Y'all need a nigga like me to point cha fingers at So stop hating on The Don, you know ya need Crack Take a look at my life, and you can see that I'm from the Bronx where it's known to hear the heat clap Y'all need a nigga like me to point cha fingers at So stop hating on The Don, you know ya need Crack [Fat Joe] First we was thuggin, then bust sluggin My Lifestyle the shit, really had the streets buggin Oh no he ain't come back like that Not Crack with a platinum plaque, yo! It's the thirteenth al spinna Niggas use to doubt now we even made Craig Common look like a winner Me and Diddy skippin out on bills Just copped the house on a hill, now how that feel? Fuck, alot of y'all niggas, you been shittin since the first song Now we rip it down spring break with no shirt on Ass all out, just swoonin the crowd Same damn mean bitches wanna move in my house You see us back to back in 'em snow white trucks Chain hanging off the rim, you not giving a fuck You must not be reading it right Ice so bright, we don't need headlights at night Yo, crack niggas, ask niggas how I smack niggas with the mac flast cuz I am what I rap, nigga TS throw in your hands, make 'em pack nigga To never let another crew move his back nigga, what! [Chorus] [Outro: DJ Kay Slay] Yeah, DJ Kay Slay a.k.a. Slap ya favorite DJ The black Fat Joe of the motherfuckin game Terror Squad motherfuckers, y'all know what it is I'll buck, ooh, ooh ooh, I'll slap the shit out of one of you motherfuckers Y'all front on the Squad, man? Y'all know what it is, man 2003 shit, faggot ass motherfuckers, get the fuck outta here Oh, oh, oh yeah, and most of youse owe me
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