(həd) p.e. - Game Over

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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Punk-Rock / Hardcore
Исполнитель: (həd) p.e.
Альбом: Insomnia
Длительность: 05:00
Размер: 11,61 Мб
Рейтинг: 892
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: ant_dammit
320 Кб/с

(həd) p.e. - Game Over

Текст песни "(həd) p.e. - Game Over"

It was all a dream I was smoking all the finest weed Like a Kottonmouth King I never find a seed I'm like Sid Vicious in '78 I wake up handcuffed But i'm doing it "my way" Stop, listen, what's that sound? That's the sound of a revolution The underground That's the sound of my heartbeat Wardrums pound like a Hey yah yah yah You know i'm down I'm a rebel, i'm warrior I'm a sad clown That's why i drink til the sun goes down That's why i smoke when i wake up And stay so high Nobody wants to see the soldiers die Nobody understands the muslims eye Everybody understands the word survival That's why we invest in the smith and wesson That's why we gotta stay ready for any enemies testin' me I pity the fool who gets between me and my destiny I take you to school stoopid I teach you a lesson not to fuck with me Little bitch, i'm a god Besides motherfucker, who's side you on? Come on Uh, i need some hed Say uh i need some hed Game over - We're taking over I'm on the frontline - I'm a soldier Your a liar - A vampire I tell the truth I wear a blue collar I refuse to throw my life away Checkmate Game over This a take over We can talk about it Or we can go to war I'm a soldier bitch You a motherfucking pussy I fuck you so hard Like i fuck this groupie I cant be stopped I'm solar powered I'm a new school rebel You an old school coward A black ayran I been here before man American made new world warrior I dont give a fuck what you think about me If you know, then you shouldnt ask about me Mr. Hip hop - Mr. Punk Rock - Mr. Huntington beach It's ya boy Jahred, it's not what you expected The most deff, the most hardcore respected One gun - number one - still most requested Ha, i teach a girl to cum in one easy lesson Teach a fan to look around him and question The media, and the public school system Rosicrucians and the freemasons Could some sand niggas pull of 9/11? Is there really a hell and a heaven? NO, what do you think Jesus meant When he said "be born again" That nigga was talkin' about reincarnation Ha that's enough knowledge for now Pass me that joint Bitch it's going out Take a hit Uh, i need some hed Say uh i need some hed Game over - We're taking over I'm on the frontline - I'm a soldier Your a liar - A vampire I tell the truth I wear a blue collar I refuse to throw my life away You can't throw my life away I'd rather be dead then be a fucking prisoner Of your matrix of fucking consumer bullshit Go ahead spend your money on some stupid fucking trend Some shit that's gonna be gone by next year Wear your hair like a girl Wear girls pants like a fucking queer Keep crying about your little cheating slut of a girlfriend Like a fucking little baby Be a man Checkmate The signs are all around you Yo man, you hear something You dont know what i'm talking about Wikipedia that shit Stay informed man Dont get trapped in a comb cage
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