M.O.P. - I Luv (feat. Freddie Foxxx)

First Family 4 Life
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: M.O.P.
Альбом: First Family 4 Life
Длительность: 04:50
Размер: 11,13 Мб
Рейтинг: 599
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

M.O.P. - I Luv (feat. Freddie Foxxx)

Текст песни "M.O.P. - I Luv (feat. Freddie Foxxx)"

Aaaaaaaaah! Chorus: Freddie Foxxx What's mine's I love, and I fight, push to shove ?Hand to hand?, but you can't stop the love You push to impress, and I leave you with less It's real love for the mics that I bless, no quest' *repeat* [Lil' Fame] Can't stop the love! I know you sayin I'mma young nigga Don't get it fucked up cause I move with them thug niggas From all walks of life we straight sparkin light Bring light to the darkest nights (M) Blast (O) Blast, P in your area Make a move and them cats might bury ya Now that your trapped and your fuckin with thugs Let me tell your punk ass what I love I love to see motherfuckers, that show no love And start speakin out like a bitch when you catch em in the club I love, when a slug cat shut down And then try to post up when they damn near cut his ass down I love, trying to reach all parts of the map On a Ninja, with a big booty bitch on the back I love, cats that rap and still drip checks Like your man Lil' Fame, Bill Danze and triple X Chorus [Billy Danze] Aiyyo, you know what I love (What's that?) It's when motherfuckers assume That they ass can't get popped at 12 o'clock in the afternoon I got the balls to come through your walls, like (Boooom!) Have an orgasm every time I clear the fuckin room (Niggas is gone) Nah, not just yet I need to see you son of a bitches sweat (I love) What I got, son, my shit is prop', son With Prem' in the drivin seat and Freddie Foxxx ridin shotgun (Stop son!) Here is the ultimate Somethin I love is when thugs be bumpin my shit (I love) Niggas with heat, (I love) niggas that's deep Niggas that regulate the streets (sho' nuff) Mic blessin, Smith and Wessun caressin (First Family) With the Desert Storm impression The lesson: I advise if your not ready to ride On the homicide side, nigga slide Chorus [Freddie Foxxx] I love beats that are hardcore, dirty and raw I love takin niggas burners when they scared to draw I love plottin on my enemies, I love to attack I love beatin niggas down when they rhymes is whack I love seeing emcees struggle to make Themselves something that us real niggas love to hate It's too late, I love my Ninas and I love my fours Blowin holes through the project doors in Nam wars, nigga I love the feeling, and the rush that I get From saying "Run the Rolex watch with the diamond begets" I love, how my life was intact without a deal How I kept the newest chromes on my automobile I love the fact that rappers make the dough, without a flow Soft niggas, that I stain, like piss in the snow I love the fact that I survived through the roughest of times And break the mic when I want, with the roughest of rhymes Its a luxury to see me emcee Its so hard, this lyrical brutality, feed's a nigga's mentality I love, when you niggas claim to be great Knowin your Mob ain't never Lynchin shit, what the fuck is this? Niggas bustin shots on New York, I get my vest on Twenty rhyme clips in my mic, I get my bless on Loan soldier standin on the front line, I fear none Excuses that you give me for your lyrics, I hear none You niggs ain't no real emcee's You Sam Goody ass niggas can't write without suckin down trees So I love, laughin at you niggas, while you clappin at me I slipping head shot from your man, while he's slappin at me I feel the hits from your rounds Your hollowpoints make a nigga wobble, but I won't fall down *echoes* [Lil' Fame] Yeah, you motherfuckers see it, come on! Chorus [Freddie Foxxx] Aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo, for all them sucka ass niggas that don't know, when I crawl up out the whole, and I got M.O.P. with me, baby, ain't nowhere You can run (to the life) ain't nowhere you can hide. With hot slugs at Both, Split
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