Ja Rule - I Cry (feat. Lil' Mo)

Rule 3:36
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ja Rule
Альбом: Rule 3:36
Длительность: 05:18
Размер: 12,25 Мб
Рейтинг: 1064
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Doctor
320 Кб/с

Ja Rule - I Cry (feat. Lil' Mo)

Текст песни "Ja Rule - I Cry (feat. Lil' Mo)"

[Lil' Mo] (Chorus) When I cry, you cry We cry, together Said I cry, you cry We cry, together Said I cry, you cry We cry, together Said I cry, you cry We cry, together [Ja Rule] I love my life, I love my wife A bad time to prevail, it overwhelmed me I'm livin in hell but livin wealthy And know these hoes love me Because I'm a star I can't even cop a drink at the bar Get me some bottles of that Remi Mar-tin Let's get the party Cracking right here fuck V.I.P Now when my baby loves me Home wit tears in her eyes And when I get in, I hurt her more by tellin her lies She ain't surprised at me She just surprised that we Been together for this long And I can be The one to mistreat her Thought it last forever Cuz if I cry, you cry We cry together [Chorus] [Ja Rule] From, what I recall we was little niggas Cuttin school gettin high wit da hottest bitches Livin, life so free, that we ain't fearin The, ills of the world, in heat of drug dealin You and I then made a killin, and stuck together In this land of forbidden treasure Love is the only evil seed that could sever A tie this close Not the love between us but your love for the dough You went O.T. started makin M-O-N-E-Why All my good niggas gotta die But shit could last forever, I wish death was pleasure Cause when you died, I cried, we cried together [Chorus] [Ja Rule] Wash away your tears (my love) You ain't gotta cry no more (my love) I put it on everything that I love And my pain it's my love And I want, this world to smile for me Don't shed a tear cause the nigga died happily My momma warned me life was a motherfucker But I ignored the warning and kept on hustlin And every night she just looked at me Tears in her eyes and they be saying shit like "I don't want me baby to die" Brought so much pain to her life Gotta make it better Cuz when ma cried I cried We cried together [Chorus] [Lil' Mo] Oooooohhhh You cry, then I cry Then we cry When he cries I cry together, together When I cry, then you cry Then we'll cry, together Baby, cuz when Ja cries, Mo cries We'll cry, together If he cry, I'll cry Then we'll cry, together
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