Naughty By Nature - Let Me Find Out

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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Naughty By Nature
Альбом: Iicons
Длительность: 04:58
Размер: 11,37 Мб
Рейтинг: 539
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Naughty By Nature - Let Me Find Out

Текст песни "Naughty By Nature - Let Me Find Out"

[3LW] Ohh...take money... [Treach] Oh where's my kitty kat, where's my kitty kat at Welcome to our party, sexy little shorties Written on your hit and licking lot from my Bacardi Rub it on my body, kiss and twist and barley Ask da damn dadda der, do dat song, while I ooh-ah, ooh-ah How I do that so long? On the DL world baby Swellin' dub crazy, DJ rewind that Naughty with that 3L-Dub baby I move simple, just as sooth mix'll move gentle I give ya mother-mm-mm, goose pimples Ain't the last brother passed over I be the master of the E or that cab punch a back brother N..A..U..G..H-T..Y......B..Y...Na, Na, Na, Nature, not cuz I hate ya Master the matress, flip, I go backwards, a little kiss on your cheek Will make you back with the Treach, it... [Chorus] It feels good to ya Let me see how you rock wit it Bout the beat baby, drop wit it And don't worry bout a damn thing It feels good to ya Let me see how you rock wit it Do your thing, come close wit it And don't worry bout a damn thing It feels good... [Vinnie] Hey, ever since back in the day From O.P.P. down to Hip Hop Hooray Who invented party anthems that ease stress away? You got drama, never mind that Naughty by Nature, 3L-Dub on star tracks We got that flavor that make your hands clap, toes tap And cross the culture on the generation age gap, never can you fade that We make your body like, rock to this Everybody's block parties gonna walk to this To the family is a number one And all those haters who ain't thinking we still having fun Better throw your towel in son, How many years have we proved we can do this? How many people we inspired to pursue this? Well if you wanna test the man to the truth is, Naughty by Nature makes that Feel Good music [Chorus] [Treach] Dang, Dang, I don't wanna go to the party ain't a party if it ain't...Naughty Body to body dance...Naughty Oh lordie, its IIcon and Naughty Its the groove move more of us hate C'mon and stroll with us When everybody smiles it makes the whole day glorious Slide left, slide right, throw your hands high, I know thats right! The I strong, we ride strong, double IIcons You wanna stop perimeter, let by-gones be by-gones Slide left, slide right, lets just find out, why let me find out? Ooh-ah Ooh-ah, outdoor with indo' Heyyy-yo, drop the keys out the window We got the molly, with my yardies we partying, Cuz after the party its the after-party [Chorus] [3LW] Feels good, feels good, baby clap your hands (Hey, Hey) Feels good, feels good, baby clap your hands Feels good, feels good, baby clap your hands (Hey, Hey) Feels good, feels good, baby clap your hands Hey, don't worry bout a damn thang It feels good to ya, Rock wit it, Drop wit it, And don't worry bout a damn thing It feels good to ya Rock wit it, Come close wit it, And don't worry bout a damn thing.
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