The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton

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Жанр: Progressive Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Experimental Rock
Исполнитель: The Mars Volta
Альбом: Amputechture
Длительность: 16:42
Размер: 38,28 Мб
Рейтинг: 1204
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: magda
320 Кб/с

The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton

Текст песни "The Mars Volta - Tetragrammaton"

Tell me it's over Rusbel awaits I've been to the surface And nothing is there Eyelids sank muffled In the nerve aura sound But when she wakes Will she still be with us My heart is darkclots Leap year is late How did you get here Ask all but the bait From a christ what went hissing Constricting his cells We summon by candle by hook and by bell Glossolalia coats my skin Glycerine and turbulence Stuffed the voice inside of God Mirrors to the animals The sermon goes mourning Pricking it's hail Slothful the child That preys on the seed Shall behead the drought Wound under sleeves I hope you have room In a thicket of vines Give me a moment To clean what you've stole The streets will hang high Stretch ribs and let taste We'll cover the smell with silver nitrate Mending the cuts of your prosthetic faith Glossolalia coats my skin Glycerine and turbulence Stuffed the voice inside of God Mirrors to the animals Then so long Dear mnemonic Assume the form You've given me and I'll split Now hold on Just hold my hand Say that they made you But you brought your own leash Tell me no more no Say I'm the last one Outside By the drift You read my will Of thread and itch Failure to comply As failure to decease And still you won't know everything I've built the fall Sulking drained the fall of my pale will Swarming by your steps Licking the ankles of blasphemer guilts It only meant to drape a plastic Over the stuck pig scalp of head To cover the sock where the flatline had spread The kiosk in my tempral lobe Is shaped like rosalyn carter She says my map is home again But torn face down I have only but a million blemiches To tell you all about In the end they just gagged me To make him come out Gas me the hind Of your five legged snare Tooth picks the eye But no things there Down drags your waltz Cross the alter top From a sleep that Deprevation knew Tresspass your form I'm void of dusk I'd ask to look But the mask stays on You'll levitate Teutonic print Cruelity is the wrath Of my instrument In the end they just gagged me To make him come out You locked the cuffs Arsenic erupts Will you drink the shadow Of my red hair You and your false Witness to God You've one in the chamber But your finger got stuck Let slip the sound Of a cry for help But all was lost On the night you walked Palm speak through eyes Serve your memory lost I contaminate insignias In the end they just cagged me To make him come out Glossolalia coats my skin Glycerine and turbulence Stuffed the voice of God Mirrors to the animals Wait till I get my hands on you I won't forget a face that lift me Just you wait Till I get my hands on you I can't You won't remember Unwrap my corpse And let it thaw In the eye of the needle I can't get out They'll check my wrist I'll faint a pulse I'm not the human You thought I was If you pet the night Sixth pentacle dice If you roll the seven St. Michael dies They'll be no ransom Don't shut my mouth I scald the answer You're afraid of
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