Redman - Diggy Doc

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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Redman
Альбом: Malpractice
Длительность: 01:56
Размер: 4,57 Мб
Рейтинг: 942
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Redman - Diggy Doc

Текст песни "Redman - Diggy Doc"

It's the Diggy Diggy Doc y'all, pumpin it yes y'all D.O.C. on the system, we kick it fresh y'all Lettin the bass thump on and strong and hard for PPP Engineerin the cut is E Double E Yo, it's the Diggy Diggy Doc y'all! .. Yo, yo yo, when I hear a "BASS" This goes out to my niggaz and y'all bitches The Benzes, Range Rovers, and sixty-four switches The C.I.A., Feds and even dogs sniffin I plant a bomb right by the bar when it starts kickin Doc stompin ground, Brick City hound WHAT? Guerillas out the jungle get gritty now WHAT? I'm walkin barefooted over loads of hot coal Cuts from the snot-nose keep your barbershop closed When it goes, Flex don't have to drop the bomb on it I keep my speech, +Bleek+, and my right mind on it So when it's time, I'm heard in the streets My mammal animal skin, excitin all the birds in your Jeep I'm crazy nigga, when I was young I spread and shaved both legs to my babysitter Ran into Bebe's Kids in a baby pickup Shot up Toys R Us and robbed Kay-Bee nigga! This is +Def+ poetry far beyond my control fuck your teflon, be body-armed like the toll Unload from my Girbauds and make it hot for homey I puff so much of that green I BLEED guacemole It's like Shaq and Kobe, I be for four quarters Callin veternarians to get the doggs off ya "Animals Attack - Part Four," people starin I'm not the type of Focker that'll go and meet your parents I'm outside trick or treatin, fuck if my chick is cheatin I'm hungry as FUCK, and I hope you niggaz sick of eatin It's like the fourth letter, tenth letter, third letter Chickenhawk bird-getter, holla if you heard better I got a chick with no-ass-a'tall I fuck her for the love of that money, not basketball And when my man comes home, and the Def Squad is back YO, GIMME THAT RAP GAME, WE'LL TAKE CHARGE OF THAT
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