Redman - Lick A Shot

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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Redman
Альбом: Malpractice
Длительность: 03:38
Размер: 8,45 Мб
Рейтинг: 1105
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Redman - Lick A Shot

Текст песни "Redman - Lick A Shot"

Smokin! (Okay!) {*monkey sounds: oooh oooh ahh ahh ahh*} Here we go.. smokin! (Okay!) {*more muted monkey sounds*} [Redman] Yo, yo.. jungle habitat, peep the wildlife in the open Off the hook, nigga dial twice if it's broken Doc, wall to wall with a mic and I'm loc'n, shit You might find termites in the chokin(?), yes D.O., my wood grain say, ";Fuck P.O."; (Okay!) And I'll prove it when I redline a buck-three-oh Hoes wit it, but never gave a fuck befo' I'm frontin a hundred on top, and ones below Bitches - fuck you star hoes, my hoes run out department stores with alarms and bar codes on Think you catchin me and my bitch? You dead wrong I'm over here prepared, blowin a air horn {*BLAAM!*} You niggaz talk widdit I do it blind blindfolded without walkin with sticks As dark as it gets, you slept in the Bricks Now you lose - like e'ry year, you betin the Knicks We walk, dogs with more balls than pool rooms (Okay!) Attitude wolf, I react to full moons (aoooooo) I, shoot up the place so y'all can see You stuck up like them white boys on Harley's be [Chorus: Redman] Are you ready to get, high with Doc (Okay!) If you high nigga then lick a shot (That's right!) All my niggaz out in Brooklyn keep your heaters cookin keep the mamis lookin (Yeah yeah!) Are you ready to get, high with Doc (Okay!) If you high nigga then lick a shot (That's right!) All my niggaz out in Jersey keep smokin the hershey keepin your money thirsty (Yeah yeah!) [Redman] Yo, yo dawg, I'm an MC, I don't think how you rap stars'll think I rush you, like you made the last call for drinks My pipes burst and I ain't installed the sink A radiator, I keep it in the car to mink Chk-chk, yo trail the Bricks where I wrestle grizzly bears (Okay!) and stick a track for it's snare and kick When it's committed, damned if you see 'em again Cold-hearted, leaves fall off the tree on my Timbs Help me; I keep the flow cold like uris(?) The words practically geronimo off the disk When Flex bomb it look, everybody runnin You bitches goin wild, even Kitey wanna tongue 'em I'm like the Gooch, lookin for Arnold Drummond Walkin with a trenchcoat to part the pumpin Like MJ, I wanna be startin somethin Whoever ain't widdit, gotta move widdit One-fo'-fo' hydro smoke to choke on (Okay!) Branson holdin handguns to toke on Uptown with Big L watchin over He tell me there's NARC's parked on the shoulder (Look over there) I don't care, cause I'm drunk as hell Shit I do eighty on a speed bump to bail Doc Deebo, keep both cannons on reload Weed keep my fingertips yellow like Cheetos [Chorus] Are you ready to get, high with Doc (Okay!) If you high nigga then lick a shot (That's right!) To my niggaz in Atlanta that, carry the hammer Wrap 'em with bandanas (Yeah yeah!) Are you ready to get, high with Doc (Okay!) If you high nigga then lick a shot (That's right!)
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