Fu-Schnickens - Visions 20/20

Nervous Breakdown
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Fu-Schnickens
Альбом: Nervous Breakdown
Длительность: 05:14
Размер: 11,99 Мб
Рейтинг: 409
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Fu-Schnickens - Visions 20/20

Текст песни "Fu-Schnickens - Visions 20/20"

I'll stare at the moon when the sun break down and feel the pain of that anger I laugh then smirk put my thoughts to work and caught a flashback of me six feet beneath the earth I heard a voice inside my head like james earl jones now my mind starts to rom like a cellular phone I'm having visions of death but nobody's understanding me what can it be it's calling me like brandon lee haunting me taunting me to go for a kill for no apparent reason except fo ra thrill a biographic imaging scanner capable of multi phasic resolution couldn't even penetrate inside my skull resistance so what's the main purpose of my existence I hear it I feel it he stealing my dreams give it back give it back and stay out of my brain and stop making false illusions to keep me insane with these visions first the metamorphosis no I metamorphasize in visions 20/20 right in front of your eyes I awaken shakin like the earth I'm quakin and I'll fricasee any android or humanoid MC just like bacon which is forsaken cause my style splace le he he he ust like sprockets to keep time must one keep a sun dial in his pocket no logic please stop it foolish mortal I entered your porthole undetected by no one to kill at will so I don't set my phasers on stun times up expiration date is 1-9-9-4 that is what the universal hour glass hath gave you put down your weapons not even your primitive hand guns can save you when I came through clouds parted and it rained to heavenly father help me I move planet to planet I survive on meteortes stars asteroids rocks and granite with my tune I'll cut you in half like half moon because of this MC's will be voyaging to my star ship soon is it true that you humanoid bad boyz bust caps perhaps I'll shorten your life span foolish with one zap then rap your remains and blood strains I'll bend and twist dem too bad you should've had a stronger and more advanced life support system e e eeeeEEMm now I'm outraged serious some say I'm delirious since I'm dred out of the three does that make me dred serious for me to rocket I rip my eyes out of my socket until they're bloodshot red then throw them as far as the eye can see so can see far ahead the sun makes my flesh dark like vader hotter than what separates your planet into two hemispheres which is the equator my radar scans the earth and from birth I was cosmic mic name CHIP FU, earth name roderick and I rocks it with my verbal poisonous venoms that are toxic through my visions I enter the atmosphere where not knowing where I'm going soaring through your sky I'm flowing knowledge is the key to knowing oh and do you believe in magic when times are tragic gagdets don't give you life so if you have it go and grab it! but I'm sinking! these elements of my main frame of thinking creating the turbulence my ships dashboard starts blinking DING DING your inner thoughts are set on the mental and it's dreadful that my covers been blown I'm a clone to society and I have the right to be laid to rest and don't bother me cause my brain pounds wit the stress! as I stand in front of my mirror my eyes are filled wit terror urging me to slit my wrist I start tremblin my adrenalin starts flowing so now I'm bubblin now I'm in trouble the room starts to spin, I'm in sin and I see double and it stops, outta my eyes fall tear drops of acid burns my retina and my pupils rot from my visions
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