DMX - Goodbye

Year of the Dog...Again
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: DMX
Альбом: Year of the Dog...Again
Длительность: 04:50
Размер: 11,19 Мб
Рейтинг: 2717
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Yoхан
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "DMX - Goodbye"

[Intro: DMX] Let us pray for those that we've lost We know that we miss them for selfish reasons Oh Lord my God, indeed you I put my trust Save me, from all them that persocute me And deliver me, in Jesus name, GRRRRR [Chorus: DMX - singing] Cause we all go anyway, I'ma say goodbye today Cause it could be any day, I'ma say goodbye today We've grown in so many ways, but I'ma say goodbye today Cause it could be any day, I'ma say goodbye today-ayayyyy [Verse One] I'ma say goodbye today, cause I don't know when we gon' cross paths again, until then I'ma be that, and see that, speaks the truth Believe that, I'ma see that, to reach the youth My sufferin will not be in vain (NOT) Neither will yo' pain ever since you passed to hear yo' name Rest in peace to Autumn - we all know cancer cells kill, but if they caught 'em, they could afford 'em If you'd still be here, right here with us We'd have plenty time before death came to get us BUT, what is death like? Should I really care? After lookin at it, was life really fair? Did you burn any bridges? Did you make amends? Did you ask God for forgiveness for your sins? What is Heaven like? If you could come back, should you? If you could communicate for a moment there, would you? ... Just questions that we ask ourselves, every day (wanna know) [Chorus] [Verse Two] So young, so gifted Direction of life was uplifted, when the wind shifted And took a turn for the worse, with the blessing come the curse A nigga stressin took the dog into the hearse My nigga Divine was way too young to die Fell out the nest and was way too young to fly But that didn't stop fate from happenin Idle time make the Devil HATE WHAT'S HAPPENING! God no! Why did it go that way? Comin from his fans away, why did he go that day? Lightly, I dare say, life goes on Donuts, Trey and Jerz I say, please be strong He was supposed to be on the road with me I wish somebody WOULDA came to get me and niggaz woulda had to hit ME But until then, MY FRIEND I'ma say goodbye today, cause you never know when [Chorus w/ minor variation] [Outro: DMX] Goodbye today, I'ma say goodbye today Goin away hey (uhh) goodbye today, I'ma say goodbye today (It's okay) And I say (let us pray) Goodbye today (and I say) say goodbye today Go on your way (and I say when you're, gone) I'ma say goodbye today I'ma say goodbye today (gotta say before you move on) HEY! Yes (yeah!) I mean, this is life (yeah, say goodbye) We are born, to die, so LET ME FLY! (know what I mean) Let me fly, we are born, to die (be good) {"Sometimes the pain is too much to bear" - [repeat to end of Outro]} Cause I'm in a better place ('til we meet again) I'm in a better place (I don't know what form) See you soon baby! (we'll meet again) Ha ha! .. (But we will meet again) ... Spread your wings (they gon' shed a tear on this one!) Fly, I'll try not to cry, it'll be hard I just, miss, not havin you here Even though I know you're in a better place! I just miss not havin you here Kinda selfish when you think about it That's nature, that's life Spirit, never dies, as lessons begin
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