Styles P - Can You Believe It (feat. Akon)

Time Is Money
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Styles P
Альбом: Time Is Money
Длительность: 04:10
Размер: 9,61 Мб
Рейтинг: 434
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

Styles P - Can You Believe It (feat. Akon)

Текст песни "Styles P - Can You Believe It (feat. Akon)"

(Styles P and Akon talking) what up Jon (testing one, two, three) what up Kon (convict music) let's go (can you believe it?) (Verse 1) fresh white tee (fresh) fresh car walls (fresh) summertime hood niggas look like stars (look like stars) lewellery drip, fresh white airs (frsh white airs) mummy shake it up keep your ass right there (ohh can you believe it?) my man got liquor and my cups right here (i got my cup) I can smell smoke pass the dutch right here (pass that dutch) nigga pass that, Capri pants with the waist cut off I wanna smash that (ohh can you believe it?) party ran pack, mingling baby and I can LL shake, you jingling baby back your ass up, Im a start tingling baby we can have more fun if wiggling baby (yea can you believe it?) P hit the club with a dutch and a dub with it nigga don't cuff it if you aint in love with it Matter fact let the grub get it please don't hate cause at least you can say you was with it (Chorus) Can you believe it? Get a break and get off the streets clear my mind from the shit I see In a world full of smoke contact from the weed thats when it really bond on me Im a be here for life i aint never gonna leave the ghetto is all that I know It’s just another day in the hood my nigga playing back trying get this dough yellin out ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all up in the club and you know how we roll squad deep like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad little bitches with their booty on score trying to beat like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh know your ass feel it cause its outta control let me hear you say ohhhhhhhhhhhhh let me hear you say ohhhhhhhh ohhhhh can you believe It? (Verse 2) big ass truck (big new truck), brand new rims tank top yankee (tank top yankee), tanned out Tims bracelet, chain, fronts bob thin (fronts bob thin) new tattoos, new black shoes (hey can you believe it?) gucci, Ermays, do that too (do that too) wanna feel the breeze get a new black coupe nigga drop the top, come thru the hood put a hundred on your three or your foul line shot (ohhh ohhh ohhhhhh can you believe it?) lending outfits all on the bus (all of us on the bus) cause none of us could see a summer without trips (none of us can see it) mad hoops so the little boys might bark at you but they all act good if the hood bothers you (chorus) (Verse 3) basketball tournaments, pitbull pups ladies in the club poring Chris in cups niggas in the jail calling home on the phone (they locked up) but you still trying to act like aint shit enough (and now can you believe it?) mad sieves in the park, mad fights in the park niggas talk how they run every night from the narcs aside from the light to the dark (light to the dark) then the dark to the light I wanna smoke but I could search for my life (Verse 4) can you believe it? I done spent ten again watching her bend again, dancing for many men tell me have ever though about getting in (have you ever thought) a room full of convicts and D Block militants (D block militants) we’ll show you the time of your life (time of your life) you can occupy my passenger side (come on girl) introduce you to the street life watch you fall in love after just one night ohhhhhhhhhhhhh all up in the club and you know how we roll, squad deep like ohhhhhhhhhhhh bad little bitches with their booty on score trying to beat like ohhhhhhhhhh know your ass feel it cause its outta control let me hear you say ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let me hear you say ohhhhhhhh ohhhhh can you believe It? (Styles P and Akon talking) can you believe It? (Can you believe It?) lil Jon, Akon, S.P. the ghost feel what we trying to do (Can you believe It?) can you believe It?
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