Fat Joe - So Much More

All Or Nothing
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Fat Joe
Альбом: All Or Nothing
Длительность: 03:59
Размер: 9,14 Мб
Рейтинг: 843
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: lama987
320 Кб/с

Fat Joe - So Much More

Текст песни "Fat Joe - So Much More"

[Intro] This should be played at high volume [Fat Joe] This is, this is, this is Cook! Cool n Dre! Ain't nobody seeing this right here, we see nobody [Hook] I know you came to party so (Oh) get up on yo feet (The god just stepped in town) Yeah baby just trip that body (come on down), and sing along wit me (come on) I know you've been searchin' for someone who Satisfies you and gives you so much more (Yo) Caution when my lip just twitch to one side We don't bitch, we don't snitch We thick, and just ride And I, never gave a fuck about popo Niggas so gangsta, making songs bout my .44 My, mymy fofo fofofofo It gets worse, kick my shit when I visit the church I'm down wit TD Jakes and Kirk Franklin Better have my offerin' plate filled wit' franklins Blasphemy, I got niggas that'll blast for me Ribs touchin and they askin' me, Crack! Nigga! Show me where the safe bet, I'll lay 'em down with the mac Leave 'em face flat, listen You don't wanna start no drama We don't scrap when there's problems we just clap and revolve 'em And get it coke, let it go, head it ___, sippin mo, didn't know? Better know now [Hook] Puff and pass in the Hilton suite Crush and pass, is the sick, tape me I'll probably when i, ask her didn't know the dick ten feet You'll need a ladder just to sit on me (Good! God!) In the race screamin' viva Tito Wit' Don 'kee Maddison Square, arena people I pull mammi to the side, she feel me Yellin' punta a gasolina Now how many bricks does it take, to marble out a 36 room estate Follow me, I'm from Philly where they eat cheese steaks In a red belly, call a bitch v8 (Uh yeah) It's Joe cr-eal, for-real And even warn the kids in school on coke deals (Crack!) (I'm back!) And that's the seltzer You should know how the shit gon' go, follow me! [Hook] That's the sound of a man, workin' on a train There he ain't (crack!) yeah And we don't see nobody Make your hair stand up like you're "Growin Up Gotti" Hit lyrics everytime we come out, nigga Use a fist 'fo' it come out ya mouth The way I'm stackin white these days Looking like a chick that go wit Flava Flav And I'm so so real, niggas wanna kill the Don Front of my house, probably wit my son in my arms But I, drop 'em like its hot Pass 'em the Glock, my little shorty's a chip off the old block Go against Coke, let 'em and show I give you 10 ways to kill off the whole block (Nigga!) [Hook 3X] Wooooooooooo Yeah, that's how a motherfucker go down 3 o'clock in the mornin', m.i.a. nigga Missin' in action down in Miami nigga Bitch, its Crack! Cool n Dre, realz Uh oh, sound all fuckin shitty
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