Fat Joe - My Fofo

All Or Nothing
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Fat Joe
Альбом: All Or Nothing
Длительность: 03:55
Размер: 9 Мб
Рейтинг: 1079
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: lama987
320 Кб/с

Fat Joe - My Fofo

Текст песни "Fat Joe - My Fofo"

Yeah, that`ll do it Yeah, I love hip hop I love this motherfuckin hip-hop game This nigga here is a little nigga man Stay in your motherfuckin lane nigga You fuckin with a Don nigga Uhh, CRACK, follow me [Chorus] Fifty, meet Fifty, he`s the fakest you ever seen Curtis, Curtis Jackson, how come you can never ever be seen Once I got you, I`ma give you - my, my fo fo-fo-fo My, my fo fo-fo-fo; my, my fo fo-fo-fo I`ma give it to you baby, nice and slow [Verse One] Fifty you gon` end up dead when you fuckin with Crack Talkin about you gon` pop off, where the fuck you be at (Cook! Cook!) I see MJ in the hood more than Curtis Matter fact, this beef shit is making niggaz nervous It`s gonna be families grieving every Sunday service End up with your head popped off thanks to Curtis But he don`t care, he stay locked up in the house an` shit Steroid up, and he won`t come about that bitch Is it me or "Candy Shop" sound like "Magic Stick?" In the video, this nigga Fifty `bout to strip Shakin his ass, what the fuck is wrong with this nigga Fifty don`t make me {*brrrrrrap*} Oh yeah, you got sixty-five niggaz on your team And they`re not from Southside - Jamaica, Queens They`re the boys in blue, I`m just speakin the truth Now we all see the bitch in you, follow me [Chorus] [Verse Two] Now let`s take it back to the Vibe awards Where that nigga disrespect and then snuffed your boss A minute ago, all I heard was G-G-G-G-Unit Fifty niggaz ran and they didn`t even do shit That`s a shame, I was sittin right in the front Waitin for you niggaz to dump Where all thg guns and them Teflon vests-es? We them Terror Squad boys, you should know not to test us "Hate it or Love It," The Game`s on top Now you jealous of him, when your shit gon` stop? You "CB4," youse a bitch nigga "Straight Outta Locash" L.A. don`t believe him, this nigga is so ass You dissed "Lean Back," said my shit was a dud Now tell me have you ever seen `em up in the club? Nope, nope, no shawty - that`s right You singin more than you rappin now Fifty that ain`t right [Chorus] [Fat Joe - over Chorus] Now I told y`all niggaz I don`t battle rap man This ain`t a motherfuckin movie nigga It`s Crack BITCH! [Outro] NEW YORK!! I know what y`all thinkin man Y`all thinkin Jada gon` slay him lyrically This nigga be crazy for dissin Fat Joe man; he really crazy though This nigga be walkin around with twenty cops talkin shit on records Never comin out his house Feel like he can`t get touched man I respond one time, one time only It ain`t gon` be no more songs from me man And this for all the muh`fuckers who doubted Crack man Trust me, nigga could response ten thousand times I ain`t talkin back to that nigga The one thing I will promise you If I want get you I`m gon` get you... and that`s it man It`s Crack bitch It`s gon` be a real ugly summer man
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