LL Cool J - Back Seat

14 Shots To The Dome
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: LL Cool J
Альбом: 14 Shots To The Dome
Длительность: 04:32
Размер: 10,36 Мб
Рейтинг: 666
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

LL Cool J - Back Seat

Текст песни "LL Cool J - Back Seat"

ah yeah I wanna send this one out to all the jeep lovers worldwide city to city, ghetto to ghetto some flavor for you and yours and your jeep you're the type of girl that got class and style still in all you need the backseat of my jeep once in a while so I pull up to your door to give you what you're looking for unh, hardcore I know you wanna come...in my jeep we can park on a back street you're checkin' out my carphone, scopin' out my jewelry let's do this in a hurry air freshener is kickin', drive through for chicken I know you need a good stickin' that's when I see my man Snoop peace, what up kid? loungin' duke as I turn the corner, starin' in your cornier you're gettin' hornier and hornier I'm pumpin' up a blint tape (flavor) you're legs is incredible, I do a double take you're puttin' on your lipstick I wanna give you this big fat...(yeeeaaa) quick, I know a place where we can lounge and cool, don't sleep (where at?) back seat of my jeep [Chorus] back seat of my jeep, let's swing an episode back seat of my jeep, let's swing an episode back seat of my jeep, let's swing an episode back seat of my jeep, let's swing an ep' I'm pullin' over near your building I light a candle on the dashboard, we're chillin' I knew a girl like you would love a scene like this you got class but deep down you're real freakish you got it all, but you never had a wild episode that's when me and my jeep showed up with the funk in the trunk and hittin' it, we're spunkin' I'll even get you drunk and tipsy 'cause I know you're feelin' frisky you love it 'cause it's wild and risky you got your eyes on the hood you're up to no good I took you in the back, you hoped I would you got your black on black so stacked in the back while I'm pumpin' in the CD I'll skip a track windows are foggy and, uh, back seat treats in the streets could be a hobby and you ain't in between the Isley Brothers' sheets I give it to you real raw in the backseat that's how you want it, don't ya? (yeah) you'll tell your girlfriends, won't ya? (nah) don't lie take it in your eye (why?) so buckle up, buckle up what's my name? what's my name? what's my name? what's my name? huh I never knew a four wheel drive could be so live I'll put your numbers in the archives so take 'em off, and put them things on the mirror girl it's my jeep and your world you got it going on lovely, time to do the right thing 'cause I can tell you wanna swing [Chorus] we're bonin' on the dark blocks wearin' out the shocks, wettin' up the dashboard clock seats full of sweat, I told ya I would hit it your kitty, kitty, cat, cat, was hungry so I fed it workin' as a team somebody, anybody [scream] jump with me to the cash bar I'll be like Bruce Lee in them skins goin' "waahhh" damn, it's so good, the mad grip on my tip you're still a nice girl but my jeep makes ya flip you go wild and stick your toes on the roof (yeah yeah) you're so cute, wit' your gold tooth exstentions on the carpet that nice round brown is my target it's so firm, so cushy, it makes me feel mushy I love it when it's pushy but don't laugh, I'm serious with this (word up) the back seat of my jeep, is priceless you're climaxin', you're climaxin', it's full action you love a good waxin', it's so relaxin' unh, give me a hug see what I'm sayin' love?
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