Redman - A Million And 1 Buddah Spots

Dare Is A Darkside
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Redman
Альбом: Dare Is A Darkside
Длительность: 03:24
Размер: 7,9 Мб
Рейтинг: 998
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Redman - A Million And 1 Buddah Spots

Текст песни "Redman - A Million And 1 Buddah Spots"

[Incomprehensible] Still walkin' down the streets with my hand on my black Tec My brain is high like North New Jersey do car thefts I'm high, when I sag my two black guys I would be brief but my Karl kani's didn't dry I smoke the blunt for all you underground chumps My smoke bangs like it's freshly picked from the swamps So nigga how you roll a blunt? Aiyyo, how you roll a blunt Flip the script on some other shit like how you roll a cut Now, I smoke the Maui, wow-wee Then I'll be back for me, I'm sure, like Al B Go uptown, smoke quarter-pounds at the Dungeon Keith Murray meets me at the spot with the bom-ba Go back to Jerz smoke with Diezel Don Huh, pick up a bag from my block, two O's the number Who can get swift with the microphone mist Plus I'm crisp like CD's on LP's in 3D My funk respect it, cosmic injected That cause me to set it off just like that club record Hit it from the back, stay strapped like two packs of lubricants It's gonna hurt, no it's not I got experience The funk dweller, creeps through your cellar And if your moms don't know your ass better tell her, like this y'all Like this y'all, like this y'all 'cause like this y'all There's a million and one blunt spots all over the world That got good herb for all you boys and girls Which one do you go to? [Incomprehensible] Which one do you go to? [Incomprehensible] I'm packin' Buddha by the pounds and pull my Phillies from knapsacks Hey yo I didn't know your nickel bags come that fat Yo check it, my lyrics strip the track butt-naked Catch the local to the A to the Buddha to my vocals And I, set the world on fire Get a billion people higher, from just one blunt in my cypher You swore to God you was mixed in bom-ba-zee The rhymer bombs squads and MC's like Hank Shocklee I spend a knot at all the Buddha spots From fifteen to fifty-fifth I ran all through the blocks I set it off jock, I light a blunt for my nigga D That's doin' three flas, now where I get the hash at You can't fuck with my funk 'cause my funk is kinda abstract Pass that, my stuff I'm rough like McGruff on dust There's a million and one blunt spots in America Yeah, I'm tellin' ya [Incomprehensible] Now just throw your blunts up in the motherfuckin' air Smoked out with niggaz from north New York to Montclair I rip the nouns from antonyms to synonyms 'Cause I got soul like James Brown and Rakim, Rock M&M One of the America's Most Blunted Smoked out with MC Eiht and compton most wanted Ninety degrees, smoke with L.O.D. on the Island Then back to Stat, to smoke more packs with the Shaolin I showed the women how to roll a blunt stronger But it didn't work because they lee nails got longer But the weed is good for when you're mackin' And girls can front it off like they don't know shit that happened I know what happened, I told her, back Nick that motherfucker so check My stamina, your ass couldn't snap with cameras Leave you on your back like Godzilla did Gamorrah Props on blocks smokin' the choc and what-nots I might catch a nickel bag sale from bus stops
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