Ice-T - Where The Shit Goes Down

VI Return Of The Real
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Ice-T
Альбом: VI Return Of The Real
Длительность: 05:19
Размер: 12,38 Мб
Рейтинг: 1362
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Ice-T - Where The Shit Goes Down

Текст песни "Ice-T - Where The Shit Goes Down"

Ice-T, nigga Representin Strictly Westside, nigga South Central in the muthafuckin hiddouse Check the technique, nigga Representin for my real niggas out there Fuck all you buster-ass niggas Word [ VERSE 1 ] Saturday night in L.A., time to play My peoples hummin like a vibrator, gotta make crime pay I'm packin two gats and I wish I could carry more Might sound crazy, but I ran out of slugs before Yeah, I know the feds watch me But my vest clashes hard with the Versace So I'm just rollin in the black five hun' I used to lowride, now it's just for fun I had 5 cars, but now I got one Hard to keep up ballin when you're on the run I got two ki's in my trunk and a shovel Stepped on the one, so now I gots double The shovel's for drama, need I say more? Got the fat stash spot under my passenger floor That's for the other strap, the automatic type I gotta keep it close in case shit gets hype Got a bitch in jail, she didn't snitch, she did three I'ma have to roll solo till they set her free Cause I got some other crimeys down, true gees But they got all day, so now it's just me And I'ma kick this slang until the day I die I can't go straight, I won't even try I'm stuck in the game, so don't ask me why It's life in L.A. I lowride and I sag and cuss I cover my face with the rag and bust Long Beach and Compton are some down-ass towns But South Central L.A. is where the shit goes down [ VERSE 2 ] Now niggas like they credit and they like to get they loans on So I hooked up with my boy who turns them phones on He told me bout this nigga who won't pay He also said he knew excactly where the muthafucka stay So I went and got some homies I hang with Some crazy muthafuckas who I used to bang with We took a trip to his crib I snatched his hoe and his kids, and this is what we did I tied they punk ass up I cracked the safe with an axe, and then the phones we cut I didn't hurt his wife But I promised next time that I would take her life I shot a nigga in his neck for disrespect, caught a body Got a murder in Miami for a shoot-out at a party Got blood in my trunk from a punk who squealed Had a partner tried to play me and his cap I peeled Now I rest with my finger on my heater Hand on my beeper, a light sleeper I lowride and I sag and cuss I cover my face with the rag and bust New York and Philly are some down-ass towns But South Central L.A. is where my shit goes down I lowride and I sag and cuss I cover my face with the rag and bust Frisco and Oakland are some down-ass towns But South Central L.A. is where my shit goes down [ VERSE 3 ] I use to sling enough water you could float a boat You could ski on the mountains of fuckin coke But now most niggas serve chronic So I let em check the bank, and then I'm all up on it I serve em with a cute hoe In a week they tell my bitches 'bout all they dough Then I jack and I kill The jack's for the money, the kill's for thrills I got 9'000 blacks that still serve crack Got a bitch who works the Plaza too on the track Got a GTA connection and I fence for jewels Got some little kids that move my fuckin dope in schools Got warrants for arrest in about 20 states Got a bigger body count than fuckin Norman Bates I'm a killer, jacker, dealer, pimp supreme I'm livin out the hustler dream I lowride and I sag and cuss I cover my face with the rag and bust Houston and Atlanta are some down-ass towns But South Central L.A. is where that shit goes down [ VERSE 4 ] Tonight I gotta meet this nigga from around the way Some think he's cool, I think he's DEA He said he want it bad, he heard that I got it good I bagged up ten ki's of flour and met him in the hood I met him at my spot, cause I know it's cool
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