Ice-T - The 5th

VI Return Of The Real
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Ice-T
Альбом: VI Return Of The Real
Длительность: 04:26
Размер: 10,37 Мб
Рейтинг: 977
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "Ice-T - The 5th"

He yo, Ice This guy here say he wants to get in, man You're sure homeboy's ready? Yo Ice, this nigga said he's ready, man Yo, kid you're sure you wanna be down with this, right? Yeah, I'm sure, I'm ready Aight Know what you're in for, right? [ VERSE 1 ] Blood flows like sands in the hourglass Cash moves everything Bitches in g strings Gats flashin, mothers make cream on a stick move Improve your dope flow Cold max with the long dough High rollin, back breakin plot diggers The ill niggas Comanche style Blood letting weapons of death Stop your breath If you trip on the click A hot thump to your chest And your back just rips You wanna be a made man The fam accepts no mistakes Chopped up bodies, lots of funeral wakes Make your bones Bring a rat back dead just ahead A cop's better Use this beretta Snitch, bet your bitch She in a pre-dug ditch Cause I command a whole batallion of life takers Plus the other bosses wanna see yo guts Check your nuts Dump the bodies in the desert Here's the keys to a truck Me, I'm overloaded, born hard and scarred Crime intellect More complex than nerves in your spinal chord Bank job my forte Not off of gunplay Hostage taker I killed my brother with a salt shaker He tried to short me a buck What the fuck? A nigga that lies Is a nigga that dies No cries for the punk He got trunked and bombed Since he tried to steal I chainsawed his arm I drink blood from a cup when I wanna then Plus the bosses up north made me kill my friend They told me, This ain't no game, kid, you're in it You're down with the Syndicate, but never admit it [ CHORUS ] Muthafucka, now you're down for life Rat on the fam and we'll kill your wife Fuck up a scam and you'll feel the knife Who is this? (The Syndicate does not exist) [ VERSE 2 ] A thousand ki's, off-shore private yacht Really ain't no sweat, Coast Guard and customs are bought Columbian-Mexicano connect Raise the bet One DEA woudn't roll, we pulled his tongue through his neck Just a message to the rest: don't test Housing developments are built on the bodies Of punks who wouldn't party Big shots are called from the pen's inner sanctum Where the mega-gees Regulate the streets, fuck release They got power that you can't comprehend, my friend They want you dead, yo, you're dead before the daylight ends Your eyes shiver and you grit your teeth You sold your soul, now cold blood's how you get relief Now you do what we do, say what I say Muthafucka, don't blink unless I say okay This is a organization, not a one-man gang And you die if I ever hear you spilled my name [ CHORUS ] My friend, I thought this day would never come (What do you mean, man? Hey!) Who was there when your wife had your first child? (Hey, why you're lookin at me like that, man?) Who looked out for you when no one else was there? (Hey, I'm your friend, man!) Now word's out you're talkin to the feds about me (..they lyin, man) There's only one thing I can do (Hey man, wait a -) You treat me like a bitch (Hey yo - ) ( *shots* ) Now look at you! Look at you, muthafucka! Now look at you! [ VERSE 3 ] Cops on the take, I got moves to make Feds ain't that easy, I still got em to shake They had my man's bitch wired for a month and a half Snatched my nigga up in Aspen, bail's five million Bounced him out in a hour - power Went and met him quick, hit him with a ice pick Can't take no chances, he romancin with whores No tellin what he spilled when behind closed doors The fam's protection and loyalty is top priority Violate, your body is found in three states Cargo is heat on a Hong Kong cruiser ??? contact ???
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