Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance

Uncontrolled Substance
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Inspectah Deck
Альбом: Uncontrolled Substance
Длительность: 05:00
Размер: 11,54 Мб
Рейтинг: 888
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Dimaestro
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Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance

Текст песни "Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance"

[inspectah deck] Oh, killah hill, killah killa hill Killah hill, killah killah hill Killah hill, killah killah hill 10304 style, kid, yea For all my d.m.d. rec posse niggaz You out there? is you out there? I throw your brain in the cobra clutch, behold the hold rush A dazzlin display if you could get close enough Cold crush like the 4 stinger anaconda Fierce darts thatll pierce through solid armor Lounge in the barracks with blue and cappadonna Spiderman identity peter parker Crowd pleaser register off the meter Vocal street sweaper bucks shots through the speaker Pleasure seekers, 50 thou in the stands True fans get it hot like jamaica sands Conquer land, wide like a eagle wingspan Clansman stabbin the track with both hands Not a lost soul who falls for fools gold I shine like a diamond in the true state of cold Too hot to handle, too cold to hold Rap with a road block, I might lose control Hold the globe in my iron palm One hand holds the firearm on a mission thats life long Strike calm through the fire like chaka khan World wide on the web without the dot com [chorus] Killa bees live in the place be Burn third degree on the m-i-c So deadly goes the catastrophe And this is the way we crash the party Say Rec, rec, rec, rec, rec, rec, rec, rec Rec, rec, rec, rec, rec, rec, rec, rec [inspectah deck] Yo, killa bees swarmin Protect ya neck! whats the warnin? So, procede with caution, I walk with my swordsmen We all in together, wu-tang forever gon win >from puerto rico cross the caves of berlin Echoin through cell blocks and federal pens It be the wu-tang, you came in when They left the game mentally and physically bent What I invent, sharp as bardwire fence I represent, sure to make a grand entrance With the deadly lecture, contents under pressure Inspectah, put your rep in the stretcher Feather weight contenders surrender T.k.o., first round knockout, vets to big spenders Journey on the mic like marco polo Internal bleedin occurs to your photo Thoughts brought forth as wild as up north Its bloodsport, get rushed for tough talk But I hold my ground like its high noon While police tapes surround the mic room I jump on a live tune, provide the boom Those who consume become faint from the fumes [chorus]
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