Reveille - Modified Lie

Bleed The Sky
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Жанр: Nu-Metal / Rapcore
Исполнитель: Reveille
Альбом: Bleed The Sky
Длительность: 04:38
Размер: 10,59 Мб
Рейтинг: 1616
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: J-Rich
320 Кб/с

Reveille - Modified Lie

Текст песни "Reveille - Modified Lie"

i see god in my dreams and i can't stop running don't care what i've become but fear what i am becoming set me straight, i'm no angel falling apart- she feels death from the table waking asleep- i can't sleep yet i'm sleeping i'm slipping again and no hope's what i'm thinking i'm buried alive inside, so claustrophobic nothing to say today- afraid and we know it what do i know, i know that we know nothing i feel like i'm constantly waiting for something what am i waiting for, what am i trying to do? i'm trying to prove that it's all a lie- can't get enough and i'm already there i'm already there and i still can't get enough so just deny what you can't repair between the lie, read between your lie can't get enough and i'm already there i'm already there and i still can't get enough run as far as you can because nobody cares between the lie, read between your lie i got a little secret that i keep inside deep down dormant in the dark she hides but every time that i close my eyes i can feel it, i can feel her die maybe i'm jaded too, maybe i'm dead like you, maybe i'm obsolete, maybe i'm incomplete, maybe insanity blinded by prophecy, maybe the opposite, maybe i'm right maybe a victim, maybe your not when did you start to care about what i thought? what would you do for me, who will you be for me, what about family, who would you kill for me? ammunition for a prophets gun all that's become must unbecome all that's sacred, all that's true, all that's nothing- lies in you madness, insanity- why do you stare through me? finish the rest of me see what you wanna see say what your gonna say give and then take away waiting for guilt to try and read between your lie all that's nothing lies in you- even if you're forgiven, would you forgive yourself? read between your lie
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