Reveille - Butterfly

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Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Reveille
Альбом: Laced
Длительность: 04:09
Размер: 9,5 Мб
Рейтинг: 1390
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: J-Rich
320 Кб/с

Reveille - Butterfly

Текст песни "Reveille - Butterfly"

I've grown tired of this emptiness So deeper and deeper I dig into the dark Searching for tools to patch me up But the more I find the more I'm torn apart Constrain it, let the subjects meld Like a mad disease the newborns divide All the walls have come crashing down So ball 'em up and shove 'em back inside Crack the shell and let the truth emerge Strain the brain, make it comprehend Breathe new life into breathless lungs And spread the word- it's time to rise again Feel it, can you feel it grow? Now feel it, does it multiply? Feel it, change is coming soon Butterfly, you wanna fly? Open your arms and let me in I wanna spread new wings, I wanna shed this skin Resurrect and reunite the kin Wanna spread new wings, I wanna spread new wings Butterfly- open your mind, open your eyes Prepare your senses as the sound excels The next generation of angst unveiled And spreads like cancer through these jaded cells Infect me, let me crash and bleed I can feel the sickness flowing through my veins Down my system and attack the seed Now you can have my pleasure if you'll take my pain Lifeless eyes, can you see through the plastic? Life fucking myself when my hands are cold Dedication's never been the problem But you say the words and I'm hard as stone Now I see the clock reverse, don't you know- The pain gets worst the further back you go Your own regrets gonna shallow you whole Now brace yourself, come on, brace yourself [chorus] Why don't you open you're arms? Why don't you let me in? Give up you're past And lets start this thing Jesus Christ, rip yourself form the cross My patience with you has been my life's greatest loss I'm tired of praying when nobody cares Can you hear me now? are you even there? I can see the surface, I can see the light And I can see it shining through your eyes tonight Now I can see the silhouette of seraphim Now I can see myself spreading my own wings Now tear off my garments and bury my face Whatever it takes to get out of this place Whatever it takes to hide what's inside Hell, I'd sell my own soul for a piece of the pride Now open your arms and let me in Tear away my scars, wash away my sins Spread them like wings, spread them like wings and fly My little butterfly I'd like to see you try Now open your arms and let me in Come and take my hand And let's start this thing
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